série: SNES
éditeur: Super Nintendo
genre: Game RPG
classement: Box TV3
format: SNES 1991 US version avec boite et mode d'emploi
état: TBE
valeur: 50 €
critère: **
remarques: - Shadowrun remains a unique title in the RPG genre
the game was one of the first set in the cyberpunk universe,
a dark, futuristic world where large corporations and highly complex
computer networks reign supreme
- Shadowrun also excels at blending seemingly
opposing elements together into a single cohesive experience:
action and RPG, magic and technology, real world and fantasy,
problem solving and gun fighting.
- Shadowrun is not a difficult game, except in the beginning,
but it is very complex and needs a lot of interactions
- Shadowrunners, after which this game is named, are mercenaries that can be
hired to complete any number of tasks
all the Shadowrunners you come across
in the game will have very different skills, uses, and abilities
- in the game, you have to visit many areas and perform several missions
to upgrade your person in skill, energy and strength
the main purpose is to penetrate (hacker) into computers
to find the appropriate data files to continue the game and to gain money
- there are 10 main areas:
10th Street, Caryard, Oldtown, Daley Street, the Docks, the Sewers, Dark Blade ,
Bremerton's ship, Drake's building and finally the Ainiki building
- the only real fights in this game is against Chester Spirit and Drake dragon,
the end is not very difficult and abit disappointing

Shadowrun is a cyberpunk-fantasy action role-playing video game
for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES),
adapted from the tabletop role-playing game Shadowrun by FASA
the video game was developed by Australian company Beam Software
and first released in 1993 by Data East.
the game is loosely based on the novel Never Deal with a Dragon
by Shadowrun co-creator Robert N. Charrette
and set in the year 2050
the player takes on the role of Jake Armitage,
a man suffering from amnesia after having been critically wounded by assassins
the plot then follows Jake as he attempts to uncover his own identity
and the identity of the mysterious figure who wants him dead,
and eventually complete his mission.
it is in some kind similar to the NES game "mission impossible"
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