Goonies II

série: NES
éditeur: Nintendo Konami
genre: Game RPG/Action
classement: Box TV3
format: NES 1988 avec boitier et mode d'emploi
état: TBE
valeur: 20 €
critère: **
remarques: the Goonies II est un jeu vidéo pour la Nintendo Entertainment System,
sorti en 1987, développé et édité par Konami,
il est la suite du premier jeu the Goonies
qui n'est jamais sorti sur console en dehors du Japon,
cela a conduit beaucoup de gens à croire
qu'il était censé être une suite du film les Goonies,
l'intrigue, cependant, se prête comme un possible deuxième chapitre de ce film,

en tant que Mikey, votre quête est de sauver les six autres Goonies
qui ont été enlevés par le gang Fratelli, récemment évadé de prison une fois de plus

>> un jeu d'action où il faut trouver 6 goonies
pour pouvoir libérer la sirène Annie, pas de grandes difficultées
sauf les nombreuses "warpzones" qui font du jeu un vrai labyrinthe

>> un jeu pas trop difficile et amusant

The Goonies II (the Fratellis' last stand) is an adventure game
developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System,
it was released on March 1987 in Japan,
November 1987 in North America, and on December 1988 in Europe

it is a sequel to a prior Goonies video game
released on the Family Computer in Japan,
the game's story centers on Mikey,
his friends, the Goonies, have been kidnapped
by the Fratellis, an Italian family of small-time crooks and counterfeiters,
Mikey must rescue all six of his friends
and free a captured mermaid named Annie

the Goonies II features two modes of play: platform and first-person,
the player moves Mikey to new areas of the map
by ladders or doors that may act as warp zones,
several different types of zones are found in the game,
each with distinct enemies, graphics and music
the Fratelli family (Jake, Francis, Cousin Pipsqueak
and Ma Fratelli) will frequently appear to pursue Mikey;
with the exception of Pipsqueak who vanishes when hit,
they can be stunned briefly with attacks but cannot be defeated

when the player exits the platform screen by entering a door,
the game shifts to a first-person mode,
using a command menu similar to Shadowgate (released around the same time),
the player explores the area by navigating through rooms,
searching for hidden items and interacting with non-player characters,
the items the player finds may be useful in the platform screens
(such as weapons or transceivers) or within the rooms themselves
(such as the candle, key and ladder),
the player will find the six Goonies
and eventually Annie in cells in this mode,
each rescued Goonie increases Mikey's health
and all six must be rescued before Annie can be freed

Mickey can use three primary weapons:
- the yo-yo, a short-range weapon with limited power;
- the slingshot, a ranged, ammunition-based weapon;
- the boomerang, a slower ranged weapon with unlimited use
- the bomb and molotov cocktail are two secondary weapons
the bomb can also reveal hidden doors
(three of them: hyper shoes and 2 further lifes),
the spring shoes are also needed and can be found by diving,
the player must also find and use a diving suit
in order to reach underwater areas of the hideout
what the player has to do in order to obtain
certain vital items is sometimes obscure,
for example, the candle (an item necessary to finish the game)
is obtained when Mikey hits a specific old woman
five times in a row for no apparent reason

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