Zelda BS Remix

série: SNES
éditeur: Super Nintendo
genre: Game RPG
classement: Box TV3
format: 2010 Snes cartridge only
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: **
remarques: Zelda BS REMIX SNES Super Nintendo
NTSC 16Bit Video Game USA Version,
this is a remake of the Zelda 1 link to the past on the NES

first of all, let's make sure we all realize this:
BS Zelda was a 16-bit remake oftThe Legend of Zelda
which was released on the NES in the mid-80's,
BS Zelda was only available in 1995 in Japan via a satellite system
that connected to the Super NES,
the game was broadcasted on Sundays from around 6 to 7,
along with a TV show which gave info on the game
and other Nintendo related things;
unfortunately, players were only given a set number of hours to play,
over the course of four weeks
(which is why the game stops after 57 minutes),
because this game was used to launch the BS-X system,
Link (the original lead character)
has been replaced by the mascots for the BS system
(that is, unless you use a patch to play as him)
the game was broadcasted twice, Map 1 and Map 2
map 2 can be compared with Nes Zelda 2nd quest
which has different dungeons and overworld but same gameplay

the game was played in real-time,
an onscreen clock showed the current time,
and at various times on the clock certain events would happen
(e.g. an additional heart container would
appear between 0.20 and 0.28 minutes)
the game pauses for a moment before making a change,
sometimes the enemies are killed or stunned,
sometimes a fairy appears, and occasionally the player
is granted unlimited quantities of one of their items for a limited time
(bombs, boomerangs and candles can all be auto-upgraded this way
and will never run out of ammunition
until the clock reaches the ending value,
at which point the player's bombs are returned
to the amount they had before the unlimited amount was activated
or the boomerang will downgrade, or the candle will turn from red back to blue

>> despite these not original actions,
Zelda BS remix is a very good remake

the game was dumped using a console copier
called the Super UFO Pro Drive VII
which could copy games to disk off
the Super Famicom Bulletin Service Satellite System
tThis dump would only work as week 3 with most emulators
by entering the BS Zelda homepage and Roto, the game was hacked
so that one could play from week 1 to week 4,
here the details of the weeks:
week 1: level 1-2 playable;
the Candle isn't in the shop so you can't burn your way into the forest
week 2: level 3-4 playable;
a whirlpool prevents you from reaching the eastern part of Death Mountain and
you can now get the second sword
week 3: level 5-6 playable; the statues still don't come to life,
making it impossible to pass into the western Death Mountain,
however at 0.35 on the beach you can reach level 6
week 4: level 7-8 playable and the last boss appears at 0.45 of the game
n.b. and between 0.25 and 0.35 this is the only period
in which you can get the red ring and magic sword
in between you can save the progress
by going to pause and making L+R and up

the fight against Ganon is very easy
with red ring and magic sword
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