Ogre Battle

série: SNES
éditeur: Enix
genre: Game RPG
classement: Box TV3
format: SNES 1991 US version avec boite et mode d'emploi
état: TBE
valeur: 50 €
critère: ***
remarques: un très long jeu RPG et le plus rare à trouver
le leader doit composer plusieurs équipes pour traverser un trentaine de niveaux
et affronter de nombreux ennemis tout en s'efforçant à résoudre des énigmes
qui vont influencer le développement du jeu.
il faut savoir équiper ses unités, les diriger stratégiquement
et aussi chercher de nombreux objets cachés
tout en gardant une bonne réputation pour pouvoir finir le jeu en beauté
(on peut aussi jouer avec une mauvaise réputation mais la fin sera toute différente)

un jeu très intéressant dans les premiers 5-6 niveaux
mais qui devient quelque peu lassant par la suite
bien que les combats soient toujours un peu différents
N.B. il est dommage que l'on ne puisse pas sauvegarder durant un niveau qui dure
- si on veut le jouer complètement - de 2 à 3 heures pour chaque niveau

a huge RPG game, in fact probably the longest ever made and a rare one,
you have to pass about 30 scenes in order to finally fight the Evil Diablo,
the three-headed monster.
but you have not only to fight your way through, you have also to arrange your
fight units according to strength and classes and also to adequacy.
also you have to watch your morality during the fights: reputation and alignment
as well as charism and intelligence.
there are also some tarot cards that can be profitable or sometimes fatal.

first recommendation:
1) build up flying units either low fly or high fly ,
this will give more mobility, quickness in fight and most important,
it will give the possibility to eliminate
enemy units that have not been completely destroyed
and are retreating towards the enemy base to be renewed and start again.
- also start from the beginning to build up a high reputation

2) have an opinion leader with cleric (magic = icecloud),
it is quite difficult to get him at the first time (you have to replay often)

3) have many Amazons in your units in order to get clerics later on (important)

4) avoid at the beginning to occupy all the Roshfallian temples
(unless they give important weapons),
keep some Roshfallian temples unliberated for later use,
this will enable you to receive by choice later on tarot cards
such as temperance, fortune, lovers, for increasing your reputation

5) make amazons into princesses with "crown"
and put them as opinion leader, they will give an extra time to attack for the whole unit


first scene: Warren Castle
nothing particular, 2 buried items, boss is Warren, the wizard,
have the knight Lans to fight him, afterwards Warren will join the rebels
but you have to liberate the 2 cities in order to fight Warren

second scene: Borders of Sharom
nothing difficult and particular,
get Star of Hero at the Roshfallian temple in the north, 2 buried items,
shop at Valna: cure and revive
at Valna later on you get an undead ring against the book of dead,
boss is Usar the wild-man (not difficult)

third scene: Sharom district
this is abit complicate if you want to get some new allies
2 buried items, exact itinerary:
a) go first to Latingur (mention is made of Canupus)
b) go then to Bahwal (Canopus will appear but will not fight)
c) go back to Latingur (mention is made of Julia)
d) go to Roshfallian temple at the left (Julia will give you the wings of
victory for Canupus)
e) go back to Bahwal (Canupus will now join the team)
f) visit Lenikan before liberating Chang’ga to get the Moonrose

sometimes Julia, the eagle-woman will join the rebels (but possibly
only when Canupus not in the team)
boss is Gilbert the beast-man, have Canupus fight him first,
he will afterwards join the rebels

N.B. it is not necessary that new allies in the scene fight the boss,
but there is always a nice story to be heard

fourth scene: Pogrom Forest
there are alot of undead characters in this scene (it is worth to collect some,
espc. ghost and skeleton for later use), 2 buried items,
N.B. against undead use tactic “best” by clerics, you get also at Alagoyas
a mystic staff against undead
at Para, you get after stage a Silver star or Quicksilver (but only with high
reputation), you will receive it also later on (but always with good reputation)
boss is the mage Kapella

fifth scene: Lake of Jannenia
this is a scene for a fight in moonlight, one buried item,
go to Roshfallian temple (bottom right), you get a rune axe
(also effective against undead), otherwise nothing special
boss is Sirius, the wolf-man
try to fight him at midnight (the fight will be more difficult)
and if one your soldiers is killed, after stage he will become a werewolf
(very strong in attack and defense but only by night)

sixth scene: Deneb’s Garden
there is nothing special except that it is the only stage where you can get
neutral pumpkins:
- a rotten pumpkin will give you a good attack weapon = halloween
- a glass pumpkin will give to a witch the ability of recruiting pumpkins at a city),
boss is Deneb the witch, 2 options after fight with Deneb:
- either you forgive Deneb, you lose reputation but you get black pearl
and glass pumpkin
- or you do not forgive, you receive high reputation and rotten pumpkin
the best if probably not to forgive Deneb, you can anyway receive pumpkins
later on the stage

seventh scene: slums of Zenobia
this is the first difficult stage, here your flying units will be of great value,
there are alot of cities in this stage and 6 buried items
get the two strong allies: beast man Lyon (for 20’000 money, 5000 after stage)
and the knight Ashe before fight against general Debonnair
have the two fight Debonnair for a nice story, otherwise not important
warning: do not use “termites” if you do not want to have a flow of
enemies running out of the castle, use only flying units
N.B. have at least 80 cure and 20 revive, because battles are hard
and you are still abit weak (use also undead against enemies)
boss is general Debonnair , a very tough one (use fool card or moon card,
moon card will bring enemy leader to the front line because of low alignment)
after stage you get the key of destiny at Kal Robs for prince Tristan

eigth scene: island Avalon
rather long stage but not too difficult, occupy at once shop with leader,
but then keep leader near the base because of the risk of a sea attack
from the mermaids (you can recruit mermaids in the seas after the stage)
Aisha, daughter of the monk Forris, at the central Temple will join
the team as an angel , 3 buried items, get some faeries to become syliphs
later on, you will be asked to find prince Tristan
N.B. AGI = you will fight more often
INT = you will defend better against spells
LUCK = you will avoid attacks better
per stage you can deploy a max. of 9 units out of a total of 21 units
boss is dark prince Gares, the black knight

ninth scene: Diaspola
2 buried items, nothing special except following
a) there is a hidden city (Ajan) between Posha and Me’Mak as well
as a hidden magician city of Anglem where you get a undead staff
against the demon sentoul you receive from the girl in Poska
b) go first to Posha, speak with the girl, then go to Roshfallian temple
in the south to get the beehive for free, then back to Posha where you get
the demon sentoul
c) at the shop, you get “boots” for travelling from city to city (important)

boss is Norn, the Shaman-woman, the lover of general Debonnair
rather difficult, because she can constantly refill
(use a Fool card and get strong fighters like wizards and valkyries or undead,
n.b. Norn cannot destroy undead)
after the battle, she will join the team of the rebels.

tenth scene: the Kastolatian Sea
this is a typical water stage, have sea-battle units (best mermaids at the back),
strong sea-enemy is the krakken octopus (maelstrom),
you get Brunhild sword at the temple top left (important for chaos gates)
but only if you have high reputation
there are a lot of cities, many are hidden,
so that you can make alot of money
but there are no buried items
visit Mango the witch after the stage for a good story
boss is Porkyus, the mermaid-queen = not too difficult but well protected

N.B. at this stage do not go to Kalbian Peninsula
the best option is first to get general Debonnair to fight general Figaro at Kalbian
and you will receive the famous sword Durandal
n.b. in order a wizard can become a mage, he must have at least
an alignment of 70 or charisma of 60

eleventh scene: valley of Kastro
desert area, a long stage to travel, 17 km length and 2 km width,
go at once with leader accompanied with a strong fighter unit to
the Roshfallian temple to get Rauny the muse
there are strong opponents here such as the ravenmen and the cocatris
which are strong and quick; also enemies are coming from many points,
so take care of liberated cities and of the base
2 buried treasures, you find a chaos gate in the south (to Muspelm)
you can recruit wyrms (flying dragons = very useful) in the cliffs north of the base
boss is Ares, the ravenman = not too difficult

twelth scene: Balmorian ruins
also rather difficult and complicate because strong opponents (level 12,14
and 15), use one water-unit on this stage although you may not use it often.
there are some uneasy enemy units on this stage such as shaman and witches
fighting together which can be a nuisance as well as the beastman with two
hellhounds using magic “charm”
but otherwise nothing special except that in order to be able to recruit the
mage Saradin, you will have to get the “bell of light” at the hidden city of
Kalyo but before you have to visit the city of Wan Kajo which will give you
the authorisation to get the bell of light in Kalyo and
warning: use the bell of light only in the Roshfallian Temple near Kannyale
so that the mage Saradin can join your team
there are 4 buried items and you will find the chaos gate (Organa) in the
top right of the map.
boss is Albeleo, the doll-master (not too difficult)
after stage, you get a Platinum medal at Sahnfan

thirtheenth scene: Organa, one of the sky islands (last knight)
nothing particular on this island except to get Fenril, the ice knight and
possibly try also to get an Iron golem in the middle of the river near Rugannah
although those Iron Golems are not of great value (weak against fire)
there are 3 buried items and a Chaos Gate near Baldella
the enemy units are not very strong but again the shamans in
some units can be of some nuisance
on this stage, when liberating all the cities, you can make a lot of money,
but be cautious enemy units can appear anywhere
and retake a city = loss of reputation
n.b. remember Lord must have an ALI of minimum 70 to recruit Fenril
and have place in the units (maximum 18 units or 100 figures)
- if you are kicked off from the island by an enemy unit, your unit
will die and can only be used in the next scene (this applies however to
non-flying units only but sometimes low-flying units can be
kicked off at the borders of the scene)
- at this stage get at least 2 Amazones to become Princess,
princesses have a strong attack and when they are leaders,
you get an extra additional time to attack

boss is Fenril, one of the high knights, a lady Ice knight, after the battle
she will join the rebels with a Gold dragon that can develop into a
Platinum dragon = the best dragon together with the Tiamat and Salamander

fourteenth scene: Muspelm, second Sky island (Paladin)
a special island, you have to fight mostly enemy flying-units and you have
to develop a special strategy, a rather sticky stage with many enemy units,
4 buried items and one chaos gate, island of the dragons (fire and gold),
the final attack against Slust has to be taken from the mainland only,
if attacking from the south, your units will be put offside

boss is Slust , the dragooner who will join the team after the battle
if the Lord has at least an ALI of 70 and you have no more than 19 units
after the stage, you receive a royal crown at Chilfa as well
as a book of dead at Segejin, bring it to the magician at borders
of Sharom to receive an undead ring.

fifteenth scene: the city of Malano (the Prince)
a huge and rather complicate stage, no chaos gate but a lot of
buried items (10), 2 hidden cities, you will get a great advantage
in this stage if you have flying units (to overpass the barriers),
after for a while fighting round the city of Padova, go with a strong unit
and the Lord (having at least charisma 80 and level 15 and overall
no more than 95 units of 16 teams) to Bel Chel to meet the Prince
in Sharmony, you get a termite but of no use if you have flying units,
in Mon Bizo you get a HP if you accept the mission
(if not your unit will be cancelled!!)

boss is baron Apros a black magician, assistant of Rashidi
fight him with Rauny and the Prince to have some interesting talks

after the stage you get a promotion at Mon Bizo and a second book
of dead at Malano and afterwards, go directly to Shangrila to get
general Debonnaire
N.B. if the Lord is a woman, you will not meet prince Tristan!!

sixteenth scene: Shangrila, the Shrine and Cloud city = floating island
nothing special except again many cities to liberate and a lot of money,
Debonnaire will join the team (but only if the total warriors do not
exceed 115 units)
not very difficult, you can occupy most of the cities on the left as most
enemies come on the right, there are however strong enemy flying units
6 hidden items, at Montrosa, you will meet Yulia who give the team a
vitality potion (HP)
boss is Gares, the devil (second appearance) and after the fight,
Norn will be able to liberate general Debonnair who will join the rebels
(but only if the number of units do not exceed 115!)
after the stage we are further explained that 3 wizards (Boltorano, Grizalfy
and the witch Tarut) have battled together with the 3 knights.
In order to be able to meet the goddess Fellana in her shrine at Shangrila,
you have later on on to meet the 3 wizards to obtain the 3 stones:
Gem of Doun, the olden Orb and the Gem of Truth

seventeenth scene: the Kalbi Peninsula (Snow fields)
in fact you could have entered this stage much earlier but it is better to
have Debonnair (you get at Shangrila) to fight the boss general Figaro
so that you receive the famous sword Durandal
for that reason, the enemy units are weak and you should also choose
weak rebel units so that to fight on equal level (however the enemies are
very accustomed to cold and you will find 3 strong ice warriors: the Iron Golem,
the Ice Giant and the Platinum Dragon (the best dragon)
equally because of the weak enemy units, you will not be able to
level up your own units very much
4 hidden items, one hidden city and one chaos gate
if you have the moonrose, you can sell it up to 50’000 at Zolmstei
boss is general Figaro, one of the 4 knights
let Debonnair fight him to have a nice story and receive the sword Durandal

eighteenth scene: Antalia, the imprisonment
the enemies are particularly strong during the night, have the cities
well protected because enemies are coming without warning from
everywhere, there are not so many enemy units but some are quite
strong (Cocatris, devils, ninja masters)
there are 9 cities (= so you can make a lot of money), get Yushi the cherubin
at the hidden Roshfallian temple, it is a valuable asset
there are also 4 hidden items and a chaos gate
boss is sorcerer Omicron, master of the undead,
after stage you can collect some undead units in the marshes,
at Shin-Dah, you will be told about the devil Galf who fought
against the high knights (but you must have low reputation
if you want him to join your team)
at the enemy base, you receive after stage a further undead staff

nineteenth scene: the Tundra (white nights)
there are again a lot of cities to be liberated, however they will not
give as much money as before but you will receive some interesting weapons
such as the Flame sword and an egg of wonder (beast) at Ells Wah
there are 14 cities, 6 hidden items but not chaos gate
there is some information about the Grail you have to acquire,
about the 4 Devas = Empress’ generals one of them is Luvalon waiting
for the rebels and of the 3 High knights: Slust the red, Fenril of Ice and
Fogel the dragooner
there are alot of enemy units (about 24) with some strong units such
as Angels and Gryphons with gale
boss is Mizal, the Head lady Angel (use black magic)
after stage you get a snow cape and mention is made of the hero Lexar,
it is particularly difficult to find wraith in the swamps, better is to recruit them

N.B. it is of no great use to get neutral characters, much better
is to recruit them in previous scenes as soon as you get the
appropriate team leader to recruit them (they are not so high
in level and can be used at once)

twentieth scene: Antanyl, the Angel continent
there are again alot of cities some of them well hidden but only
2 hidden items, enemies are particularly strong in the night such
as zombies, lich and vampyres
all the cities can be liberated in the north but watch them against
enemies coming suddenly
in the Roshfallian temple in the mountains you get a Sigmund sword
(there are 4 hidden Roshfallian temples), but only 2 hidden items
boss is Galf, the super devil (not a strong opponent)
if you have a low reputation, Galf will join you taking the Brunhild sword
and you receive a Necronomicon (book of evil) at the city of Gibbot
after stage with normal reputation, you receive Solom’s chest at Yaunde.
mention is made of Dulude, the 13th white mage who wanted to possess
black magic with the Black diamond

at this stage, you should reorganize your whole army and use Tarot
cards as little as possible in order not to level opinion leader too much.

twenty-first scene: Fort Allamoot, the Empire (crossroad)
a big big place in fact it is the largest stage of all the scenes, there is also
a lot of water areas in this scene, use at least 2 sea units, it is useful.
Like isle of Avalon, Fort Allamoot is a crossroad, i.e. you have to pass
through this stage before entering further scenes
there are also 14 cities and 5 roshfallian temples but only 5 hidden items
as well as a chaos gate to Ruined city.
there are also some strong opponents such as shaman+ravenmen as well
as cocatris+muses but otherwise nothing special
boss are the two Gemini twins: Castor and Polydeuces = strong enemies
but once one of them is killed, the battle is over
after stage, you get a black lotus at Killig Abal, a beautiful statue at Tekshiga
and you can sell the star fragment for at least 200’000 goths at Heskalan but
in all other cities with a high reputation, there is nothing more to do

however if you have a low reputation, Fort Allamoot can develop quite
an interesting program
first go directly to pirate city Matagalp, you will be asked to steal the Mulmy’s
map at Plinsport, go to Plinsport, there you will be asked by the young mage
to get the Amatsu statue at Esquinto against the mulmy’s map. at Esquinto,
you will be asked again by a young wizard to get the Zebra fur from the
merchant at Laseive, he will sell the zebra fur against your whole money!
say no and you will be asked by the merchant Toad to get the golden goblet
from the thief at Stun Creek against the zebra fur for free.
go to Stun Creek, you will be asked by the thief to get the song of Sodoh
(= song dedicated to Diablo, worth 79’000 goths) against the golden goblet.
go now to the temple on the southern island to get the song of Sodoh, you will
have to kill the monk (you lose again reputation but you get the song of Sodoh)
back to Stun Creek, you get golden goblet, back to Laseive you get Zebra fur,
back to Esquinto, you get the mystic Amatsu statue, back to Plinsport, you get
Mulmy’s map and back to Matagalp you get the Saga = book of ancient kings
worth 419’000 goths = treasure of the pirates = the most valuable item of the game!
at Heskalana, you can buy a statue of Sodoh for 100’000 goths

Twenty-second scene: Dalmuhd desert (the Assassin)
this is a real desert stage but relatively easy to fight the enemy units,
there are 8 cities, one Roshfallian temple and 4 hidden items,
boss is Prochon, the ninja traitor
after the stage you have to visit the magician city of Aliabard where
the mage Gizolfy will give you the gem of doun, when you show this
gem to the mage Boltarino at Para in the Pogrom Forest, you will receive
the olden Orb, then bring those 2 stones to the witch Tarut at Ryhan sea.

Twenty-third scene: Ruined City (the Dragon rider)
it is the last of the sky island (the Dragon island) with Fogel the dragooner,
a lot of things to do on this island, at the Roshfallian temple in the left against
the 4 best swords of the game: Notos = lightning sword, Boleas = flame axe,
Euros = Ice sword and Zepyulos = black magic sword (but this sword you
receive only when Fogel is not of the party) you receive the code name
FIRE CREST = FIRE SEAL = special chaos gate
(however you have to start a new game indicating the code word FIRESEAL
to enter a new area "Dragon's heaven)
there are 2 hidden cities and 3 hidden items
at Dallu Saran you get the dragon’s jewel, do not sell it keep it until the end
of the stage, at Kashin, you can shop the Dowser (rather expensive)
and ut with that magic you can spot in every stage the hidden items
mention is made of Bylath, the dragon of the dragons against which Fogel had
a great fight in the past
boss is Fogel, the dragooner who is not very difficult to fight
(but be cautious to have not more than 110 warriors) so that Fogel can join the team
after stage
- you can exchange at Dallu Saran the dragon’s jewel against an undead ring,
- you receive a demon soul at Mupan
- you receive a big trophy at Bujumbula

Twenty-fourth scene: the Rhyan sea (final paradise)
half sea, half continent, use your 2 sea units, there are 16 cities to liberate but
you do not make much money because tributes are rather low, 6 hidden items,
some strong enemies such as cherubims, espc. sylyphs together with cherubims,
otherwise no great problems.
boss is Randals, the high monk (not too difficult)
mention is made of the 3 magicians: Boltorano, Gizolfy and Badista to get
the zodiac stones
after the stage go to island of Ramoto to meet the witch Tarut who will give
you the Gem of Truth, with the 3 gems, you can now go to Shangrila to meet
the goddess Fellana
at Harmhell you receive a further Sigmund sword

Twenty-fifth scene: Fort Shulamana (Separation)
on this scene you can again use 2 sea units (with 2 nixies and one kraken, they
are quite strong at this stage), you can also start using “liches”,
otherwise no strong opponents in that scene,
2 hidden items and 3 Roshfallian temples
you should liberate DURING THE STAGE
in order to get 2 powerful swords Notos and
espc. the Fafhniel sword (in a hidden temple)
also liberate the city of Orappa to get an Ivory goddess.
boss is general Pevria, one of the 4 Devas
after the battle with him, you learn that Tristan’s mother Queen Florian is dead
but the Lord receives her mystic armband from Tristan as a remembrance and to
control the Empire you need 3 items: Brunhild sword, armband and the Grail
after the stage you can receive a Fullmoon stone to produce Weretiger
(not as good as Werewolf) against a tome of myth you receive in the next stage

Twenty-sixth scene: Shrine of Kulyn (the Grail)
again a mostly water continent to use your 2 sea units, not really any
problem in that stage, you have to fight against sea units
(they are probably the strongest enemies)
8 cities most of them hidden, 4 hidden items
at Tridan you can buy a Boleas sword against 150’000 goths but not necessary,
when liberating the Roshfallian temple on the top left, you get a Euros sword
but only when liberating DURING THE STAGE
Warning: at San Locq, bottom left, you can get the cameo treasure from a thief,
say yes and you will loose reputation,
say no and you will get reputation, the best is
to avoid this city but after the stage you cannot get this cameo treasure any longer
boss is general Luvalon, one of the 4 Devas (he is weak against fire and undead)

after the stage you get the Grail from the knight Percival

N.B. during the battles you can note following
- fire weapons will flash RED
- ice weapons will flash BLUE
- electrical weapons (thunder) will flash PURPLE
- white magic will flash GREENISH
- black magic will flash BLACK

Twenty-seventh scene: city of Xanadu (the end nears)
a country with snow and the cities there are not in favour of the rebels, so
you will loose some reputation when liberating the cities, there are alot of
cities (14) and hidden items (10) that are difficult to find
but no strong opponents except cherubins and sylphes
as well as muses that can cause quite a lot of damage
(but still no sorcerers and liches)
you should avoid as much as possible to liberate the cities, they are against
the rebels and by liberating them you will loose a lot of your reputation,
by that time you should have anyway enough money to allow it
boss is general Hikash Overlord, father of Rauny the muse
N.B. if you take Rauny to fight against Hikash, you will listen to an
interesting talk between Rauny and Hikash
otherwise after the stage there is nothing more to do in that scene and you
can really avoid revisiting the cities after the stage

Twenty-eigth scene: Zeteginia (the Ogre battle)
here you can boost again some of your reputation because enemies are
rather strong, espc. the evilknight Hares and the doll masters
there are alot of cities but you do not gain much money because the tributes
are not very high, only 2 hidden items
mention is made of Radisti’s plans to take over Zeteginia,
at Azuzau you meet Paladin Gawain who will ask you to get rid of the empress
otherwise nothing much to do
boss is empress Endora who is quite a strong opponent
(best use black magic or a world tarot card)
after stage you get
- at Mislata a tome of myth (to sell or get a tigerman)
- at el Kedah you get a sentoul demon (for an undead staff)

N.B. undead staff are more difficult to find as undead ring and
without staff you cannot develop into sorcerers who would
then develop into a lich with undead ring

Twenty-ninth scene, last scene: temple of Shalina (the black god)

the most difficult scene because number of enemies is endless
(about 2500!!), there are also a great number of cities and temples
(5 of them hidden) but of no great use and only 2 hidden items
if you have not yet a very high reputation, you can boost your reputation
by liberating here some cities however you will not be able to improve
your amount of money which is anyway no longer of any interest.

if you have assembled your teams carefully, the enemy units will be
of no problem but they will come endlessly (about 2500 times!!!)
so you should liberate all the cities and at the end go slowly to the top
scene with the leader trying to approach the enemy base as nearly
as possible. when the situation of the leader has been fixed, use
the magic “summons” and all fighters will now join the leader so that
you can attack the three bosses

a) Prince Gares with his 4 wraiths
let Aisha and Debonnair discuss with Gares and then let
them destroy him (relatively easy, he is only level 26)

b) Sorcerer Rashidi the Wiseman with 2 Evil Ones
let Saradin fight first Rashidi, they will develop a little discussion,
Rashidi is quite difficult (level 30) as attacks often miss him
(use possibly judgment and he will be off)
warning: say always YES to his question otherwise your
unit will be destroyed!!

c) the devil Diablo consisting of a main body and two heads
he is quite difficult espc. when using earthquake or petrify,
the best is now to use some tarot cards but it is also possible
to eliminate Diablo without Tarot cards

after the battle with the 3 bosses, when you have a high reputation)
it will be a relatively good ending with all important figures
having a discussion between them
Tristan is becoming the white king with the queen Rauny,
Warren and Lans as well as Julia and Canopus remain in the Zenobian kingdom,
the same for Slust, Fenril and Fogel,
Yushi is becoming head of angels,
Saradin, Norn, Aisha, Debonnair will join the Hero
to go with him towards new adventures, especially to the last scene “dragon’s haven”

question in the game: where is the “Gem of All” (the 13th Zodiac symbol)?
is that the Black Diamond which Diablo want to possess?

30) thirtieth scene (complementary scene):
Dragon’s Haven (the last sky island)
to have access to this scene, you must have (there is no chaos gate)
either the 4 swords: Notos, Boleas, Euros and Zepyulos you will receive
at the sky island “Ruined City” (when Fogel is not of the party),
those swords will then open the gate to Dravon’s Haven with the code
or you start a new game giving the name FIRESEAL

in this last scene, you will however dispose of a limited number of
fighters and only 2 flying units and no items, so the first step is to
liberate the city Bright R that contains a shop
where you can buy heal, all Heal and revive.
this scene is also endless, i.e. enemy units will flow continuously
boss is the mage Albeleo, doll master,
who has been Rashidi’s assistant
(quite strong without tarot cards because avoiding most of the attacks)

the best strategy for dragon's heaven is:
a) to attack left and right with your flying units so that you can eliminate
retreating enemy units.
b) make frontal attacks round the roshfallian temple in the middle

after a while you can attack boss who is mage Albeleo with 2 flying units and
use some tarot cards (you cannot use “summons” as you have no
possibility to get this magic item on this scene)

the game ogre battle is now definitively finished. there is however an extra little game:
go to Shangrila visit the goddes Fellana to get the table of Yaru,
with this tablet, you can collect at different stages the 12 Zodiac stones

t is quite a good game although after 5-6 scenes the development is rather
boring but still with some interest for strategical approach and battles.

the 2 disadvantages of the game are
1) you cannot control the choice of the tarot cards when liberating cities
so that it will have quite an influence on yr reputation, but all in all it
is not so difficult to get a high reputation

2) you cannot save when playing a scene, you have to finish the scene
or replay the whole scene from the beginning and a scene can last 2-3 hours
if you want to play it completely

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