Lolo 3 (adventures of)

série: NES
éditeur: Nintendo
genre: Game Puzzle
classement: Box TV3
format: Nes 1991 avec boitier et mode d'emploi
état: TBE
valeur: 50 €
critère: ***
remarques: la troisième et dernière série sur les aventures de Lolo,
cette fois c'est devenu plus difficile et plus vaste
avec au total 100 chambres à maîtriser, mais toujours intéressant
et avec une bataille finale contre Egger plutôt

>> le dernier jeu NES avec Lolo,
il y aurait aussi un Lolo II prof, mais difficile à trouver

adventures of Lolo 3, known as adventures of Lolo 2 in Japan,
is a puzzle video game released in 1991 by HAL Corporation
for the Nintendo Entertainment System,
it is based on the Japanese Eggerland video game series,
it is the third instalment of the adventures of Lolo series
released in the U.S. New gameplay,
elements were added to make the base gameplay deeper than before,
however, in 1994, a game titled "adventures of Lolo" was also released
for Game Boy in Europe and Japan,
said Game Boy release was not the same game
as the original NES release of the same name,
but rather a fourth sequel in the series
with continued additions to the base gameplay

in Japan, this game was released as the adventures of Lolo 2
because adventures of Lolo was not released in Japan,
additionally, the Japanese version of the game
had a different difficulty curve and featured different stages

Lolo and Lala are enjoying some time together
when the Great King of Eggerland's son and heir
throws a potion on all of Lolo and Lala's friends, turning them to stone,
Lolo and Lala return home to see the damage
that the Great king's son and heir
has done, embark on a quest to stop him
and return their friends to normal,
to note that in the last stage, Lola takes over and will deliver Lolo

the player has the ability to select
between playing as Lolo or Lala in the levels,
neither character has any advantage over the other,
however, the only difference being in the tutorial levels

two changes to the gameplay included the crumbling bridge,
which is a bridge that can only be crossed two times
before it crumbles into nothingness,
the other change was a new monster called Moby,
mobies only appear in the underwater levels
and use a line of sight attack that sucks Lolo in towards them,
though not directly a fatal attack, it can cause Lolo to get stuck
and have to restart the room

when pressing select to give up, Lolo does not actually die this time,
instead, a short "give up" tune plays and the level restarts,
pressing Start will return the player to the overworld map,
pressing Start again reveals the password to that point in the game,
adventures of Lolo 3 uses 16-character passwords
instead of four-character ones

the game features a total of 17 levels with 100 different puzzle rooms,
nine boss rooms and ten training rooms,
levels 3, 13, and 17 have ten rooms each,
the other levels only have five rooms,
levels 4-7, 9-12, and 17 have a boss at the end,
the two big trees on the overworld map are where the training rooms are,
each tree having five rooms each

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