Light Crusader

série: SEGA
éditeur: SEGA Genesis
genre: Game RPG
classement: biblioDiego
format: Sega Mega Drive 1995 avec boite et mode d'emploi
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: **
remarques: it is similar in gameplay to Landstalker,
a video-game half RPG and half action (dexterity),
gameplay is viewed from an isometric viewpoint (3D perspective),
the game is a mix of action, puzzle solving and platforming for the most part,
music and graphic are good but you have to be accustomed with the 3D gameplay

the hero of the game, sir David, will be alone on his trip during the entire game,
he will have to find and fight the wizard Ragno Roke, travel during 6 levels,
liberating during the trip alot of missing people being taken prisoners
and finally defeating the big monster Ramiah,
Roke ends up dying and the missing people come back.

>> the game is rather interesting once you have been used to the 3D pointview,
some puzzles mainly with balls, lazer beams, barrels, bombs and platforms
together with riddle producing music and light you have to repeat
are quite difficult to solve but general music and graphic are quite good

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