volume 1 1931-1932

série: Tarzan Sunday Pages
dessinateur / scénariste: Foster Harold
éditeur: Flying Buttress EO 1993
genre: Aventure
classement: biblio1
date: 1993
format: cartonné avec jaquette
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: *
remarques: first volume edited by NBM/Flying Buttress
(NBM being America's first publisher of graphic novels since 1976,
located at New York with imprints such as Flying Buttress Classics
Library, Amerotica, Eurotica and ComicsLit) under the supervision
of Bill Blackbeard out of a sery of 18 volumes,
all being accurate reproduction of the Sunday Pages
in their full colour and in full size, each volume has about 52 pages,

n.b. the sources of these Sunday pages are mainly
from the Los Angeles Times and from the Milwaukee Journal
edited by UFS (United Features Syndicate)

volume 1 1931-1932 from
27.9.1931 (29) to 18.9.1932 (80) = 52 pages drawn by Hal Foster
based on the novel of Edgar Rice Burroughs, with dust jacket
n.b. the pages 1 to 28 were drawn by Rex Maxon
(not published in this edition)

the complete reprint is finally here, Foster (later of Prince Valiant)
gets Tarzan off to a flying start with French legionnaires
in a fight against Arab tribesman, later he is rescued
by beautiful Hulvia the High Priestess, a feat he returns twice
in kind for the sultry Lenida the Lion-Tamer

Bill Blackbeard's introduction dovers the first 6 months
of Sundays done by Rex Maxon,
the volume includes following episodes (number of pages):
- hawk of the Desert: 13
- Tarzan's First Christmas: 1
- Tarzan and the Fox: 1
- the Dance of Victory: 1
- aboard a Slave Ship
- the Baby of the Apes
- the Black Pit
- Hulvia the Beautiful: 11
- Lenida the Lion Tamer: 7
- the Return of Korak: 8
- the Elephants' Graveyard: 7
- into the Primeval Swamp part 1: 3

n.b. some pages were illustrated in black and white by Hal Foster
from 7.1.1929 to 16.3.1929 stating the origin of Tarzan
under the title "Tarzan of the Apes), one of these pages
is presented at the beginning of this album giving information
and presenting Tarzan's new adventures,
from 16.8.1931 each weekly episode appeared with a title on each page

1/ introduction by Bill Blackbeard
- 27.9.1931 Harald Foster takes over after the deception
caused by previous Tarzan's illustrator Rex Maxon
who made of Tarzan rather a kiddy character,
instead that of a lord of the jungle
- the first 28 pages made by Rex Maxon appeared in the Sunday pages
from 15.3.1931 to 20.5.1931 and are not reprinted in this volume 1,
except the first page that appeared on 15.3.1931
as an example of the designork of Maxon (Tarzan and the twins)
- description of the unfortunate pages of Rex Maxon
which start with Tarzan rescuing in the jungle two foundlings
being Bob and Mary and continuing in a rather childish development,
whereas the first Foster's page on 27.9.1931 constituted
the effective introduction of an adult adventure feature
>> strong critic by Blackbeard to Rex Maxon but also to Frank Hoban
(illustrator of the covers of three Blue Book magazines 1928-1930)
- the idea of bringing Tarzan into comic strips was put
by Joe H. Neebe who started like Foster as an advertising agency executive
- J. Allen-St.John (another illustrator of Tarzan's cover books 1920)
was the most famous artist to paint Tarzan after Foster and Hogarth
- the first cover book was done by Clinton Pettee
in October 1912 for ERB (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

2/ the story
following the script of Rex Maxon, Tarzan is saved by his old friend:
captain D'Arnot arriving with an aeroplane, follows the story
of D'Arnot about his engagement in the French foreign legion;
Tarzan and D'Arnot deliver food to a beleaguered French Fort in the desert,
Tarzan is taken prisoner with D'Arnot and lieutenant Carnot
by the sheikh Abd-el-Krim, chief of desert-trained tribesmen,
then delivered by a dancing girl who is shot dead during their flight,
afterwards Tarzan is shown celebrating his first Christmas in England,
then he rejoined his beloved jungle, big fire in the jungle,
problem with the moorish slavers, then Tarzan meet the pigmy tribe
and their blonde priestess Hulvia, the story of the white woman Hulvia
who has become unwillingly priestess of the black warriors,
Tarzan would promise to find a hero-mate for Hulvia
and Tarzan finds the young explorer Tom Barry

afterwards Tarzan makes the acquaintance of a mysterious woman
with the black mask who turns out to be the famous lion-tamer Lenida,
the story of Lenida who during a representation was badly mutilated
in the face by a lion, she is now willing to take from Hulvia
the role of priestess of the black warriors

- later on Tarzan meets his son Korak nicknamed the killer
(first and last mention of Korak as son of Tarzan),
fight against Bolgani the giant-gorilla and afterwards
against a pack of other gorillas, Korak is badly wounded
and Tarzan is in great danger but both are saved by Tarzan's friends:
Tantor the elephant and the Waziri spearmen coming to their rescue
>> page 31.7. Korak the white bwana is taken care of by the Waziri
and disappears of the adventures of Tarzan

meanwhile, Tarzan meets again his little monkey Nkima
and receives from Muviro, chief of the Waziri a mysterious message
written in blood on a torn piece of shirt, it said:
"help at the elephants' graveyard signed by Erich"
n.b. Uzuri seems to be Tarzan's estate (in Cameroun?)

Erich von Harben, an explorer, is a good friend of Tarzan
who decides immediately to go to his help, during his travel
Tarzan is injured by a stone and is himself rescued by some great apes
of Tarzan's tribe, then Tarzan arrives at the elephants' graveyard
where he finds von Harben badly injured and confronted
with prehistoric monsters, the two have to retreat and return
to gather strength but Tarzan will return to the graveyaard,
meanwhile flinging off the last remnant of civilization,
Tarzan rejoined one of the leaping horde of the apes
in the mad dance of the dum-dum in the light of the moon
>> pages 18-10, 25-10, 1-11, 31-7 Tarzan make full use
of rifle and gun and even of a machine gun
>> page 20-12 the message of Tarzan
>> page 10-1-1932 tigers in Africa?
>> p. 28-8 Tarzan's great fear

>> this volume is made of several short stories (the foreign legion
with reference to the French Colonial Empire, the moorish slavers,
Hulvia the blonde priestess, Lenida the lion-tamer,
Korak son of Tarzan and part one of a long-featured story
in the dinosaurs' lost world being the elephants' graveyard;
the scenarios are not yet fully developed as is the design,
but the whole is in constant improvement, gaining more accuracy
and distinction page after page, the graphic is especially improving
from page 17-7-1932 on; but in general quite
an acceptable volume with quite a good colour

n.b. Tarzan is still wearing a hair-band which will be dropped
during the episode of the elephants' graveyard (starting 31-7-1932),
we can say that these first pages (until the elephants' yard)
was a trial period for Foster where he made the hand

P.S. for more information about Tarzan, Burroughs, Foster and Hogarth
>> see file No. 463C (Etude);
cette édition américaine a été reprise par les éditions Soleil
en langue française mais de qualité graphique très inférieure
et souvent avec un coloriage maltraité

- couverture et 4ème plat du tome 1
- deux extraits de planches dont
la première planche après celle de Maxon
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