volume 8 1938-1939

série: Tarzan Sunday Pages
dessinateur / scénariste: Hogarth Burne
éditeur: Flying Buttress EO 1994
genre: Aventure
classement: biblio1
date: 1994
format: cartonné avec jaquette
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: ***
remarques: eigth volume edited by NBM/Flying Buttress
(NBM being America's first publisher of graphic novels since 1976,
located at New York with imprints such as Flying Buttress Classics
Library, Amerotica, Eurotica and ComicsLit) under the supervision
of Bill Blackbeard out of a sery of 18 volumes,
all being accurate reproduction of the Sunday Pages
in their full colour and in full size, each volume has about 52 pages,

n.b. the sources of these Sunday pages are mainly
from the Los Angeles Times and from the Milwaukee Journal
edited by UFS (United Features Syndicate)

volume 8 1938-1939 from
18.9.1938 (393) to 10.9.1939 (444) = 52 pages drawn by Burne Hogarth,
based on the novel of Edgar Rice Burroughs, with dust jacket

Tarzan defends now the long lost land of Sun Tai, a Chinese empire,
against the assault of barbarous savages, later he is mistakenly
captured as the "missing link" by explorers only too eager
to collect on a bounty for such set out by a wealthy scientist;
the volume includes following episodes (number of pages):
- Tarzan and the Chinese part two: 10
- Tarzan and the Pygmies: 25
- Tarzan and the Amazons: 10
- Tarzan and the Boers part two: 1

no introduction by Bill Blackbeard

the story:
a) end of the Chinese episode
battle against the black barbarians of Hiyedo, the treachery of Fang-Chu-Fang,
Tarzan is captured by Hiyedo but he finally succeeds in defeating
both Fang-Chu-Fang and Hiyedo and afterwards leaves the Chinese Empire
despite the desperate love of Luling
>> p. 398 the explosives used as handgranates
>> p. 402 Luling wept, she loved Tarzan but she could not hold
his free restless spirit

b) Tarzan and the half-men (pygmies)
>> p. 405 Tarzan taking a midday nap high in the trees is disturbed
by the arrival of a safari led by the scientist John Farr,
his daughter Linda and their guide Marsada on the search
of the missing link (being an ape-man or prehistorical man),
Farr falling ill, the party continues with Linda, Marsada and their boys,
Tarzan (taken as the missing link) is coaxed by Marsada
who manages to trap Tarzan
>> p. 410 Tarzan closed in a cage like a wild beast

Linda fells in love for the wounded Tarzan and takes care of him
to the dismay of Marsada, Tarzan escapes taking Linda with him
to protect her towards Marsada who is in rage for letting escape Tarzan
>> p. 417 the fight of Tarzan against the leopard
>> p. 417 to 426 pages with the sensuous Linda travelling
through the trees with Tarzan, her clothes suddenly worn halfaway
(tattered garments) but she still wears some kind of shoes!
fight with Bak Dak the big ape, Tarzan submits Bak Dak,
but the ape is wounded with a broken leg

on the trail of Tarzan, Marsada meets grotesque creatures:
the half-men called by the apes the Lingoos (being pygmies or cave-men)
and their chief Mal-Yut which become Marsada'allies
thanks to his deadly magic (a gun), Tarzan and Linda are captured
by the half-men and Tarzan is sentenced to death
>> p. 424 fall of Tarzan with Linda from the high trees,
but a leg seems to be missing (out of the four!)

c) Tarzan and the Amazones
Tarzan is saved by a tree-woman: Kuleeah the amazone
who also fells in love for Tarzan who is taken with Linda
to the arboreal village in the trees
>> p. 429 the mighty Kuleeah, chief of the amazones
= a tree-woman and an ape-woman? taking during the travel in the trees
a wounded Tarzan in her arms in order
to make him her new slave husband but
>> p. 431 love cannot be commanded by Kuleeah the amazone
fight with Kuleeah jealous of Linda, finally Tarzan escapes
and brings Linda back to her father for homeward bound

d) Tarzan and the Boers part two
back home, Tarzan receives two messengers pleading for help,
meeeting with Klaas Vanger, the diamond prospector who rallies
the Bulegas warriors against the Boers to acquire land rich of diamond
and Tarzan takes the defense of the Boers with the patriarch Jan Van Boeren,
his daughter Matea and Groot Carlus the giant boer who is in love with Matea
>> p. 442 Groot Carlus the giant boer

Tarzan with the boers repel the attacks of the Balugas,
but Matea is captured by the ferocious warriors,
in the absence of Tarzan Groot Carlus goes alone to the rescue of Matea,
while the evil Vanger keeping Matea as hostage
prepares a plan to trap the boers
>> p. 444 the superbly drawn face of the villain Vanger

>> a wonderful volume, especially for the second part of the volume
which is the prelude of an improved artistic style of Hogarth
with beautiful colour painting, also a superb volume cover
showing Tarzan of the Apes, a picture taken out of page 418
(probably the best cover of the serie
together with those covers of volumes 9 and 17)

n.b. in the English version, the half-men called Lingoos,
armed with stone-weapons are not called pygmies
neither cave-men nor prehistoric men
(whereas in the Hachette's album in French
the title is "Tarzan et les Pygmées),
Tarzan and the Amazones (8 pages) have not been edited in French by Hachette
(it should have been album No. 12 which was not published)
and the continuation of Tarzan and the Amazones
was made in album 13 "Tarzan et le traître", thus the ending
of the album No. 7 Tarzan et les pygmées remained unexplained!

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