volume12 1942-1943

série: Tarzan Sunday Pages
dessinateur / scénariste: Hogarth Burne
éditeur: Flying Buttress EO 1995
genre: Aventure
classement: biblio1
date: 1995
format: cartonné avec jaquette
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: ***
remarques: twelfth volume edited by NBM/Flying Buttress
(NBM being America's first publisher of graphic novels since 1976,
located at New York with imprints such as Flying Buttress Classics
Library, Amerotica, Eurotica and ComicsLit) under the supervision
of Bill Blackbeard out of a sery of 18 volumes,
all being accurate reproduction of the Sunday Pages
in their full colour and in full size, each volume has about 52 pages,

n.b. the sources of these Sunday pages are mainly
from the Los Angeles Times and from the Milwaukee Journal
edited by UFS (United Features Syndicate)

volume 12 1942-1943 from
13.9.1942 (601) to 5.9.1943 (652) = 52 pages drawn by Burne Hogarth,
based on the novel of Edgar Rice Burroughs, with dust jacket

Tarzan is caught between two conflicting tribes of people,
one barbarian of Nordic descent made up of hardy warriors,
the other villagers who have forgotten how to defend themselves,
until Tarzan teaches them the art of battle

the volume includes following episodes (number of pages):
- Tarzan and the Barbarians part two: 52 (consisting also
of the jewel of Kah, Tarzan with the amazones and against Kandulla),
no introduction
a) Tarzan and the Barbarians, part two (601-622)
victorious fight of Tarzan against Bong-toh, king of the giant-apes,
but afterwards Tarzan and Jonathan are taken prisoners
by barbarian warriors (of Scandinavian origin?) and let
to their village on the top of a giant mesa where they are presented
to Brughat, king of the Barbarians whoe daughter Hilsa
wants to have Tarzan as husband;
Tarzan refuses, he is condemned to death, he tries to escape
with the slave-girl Leeta but is recaptured and now it is intended
to hurl him down from the cliff of doom, however he is fortunate
and his second attempt to escape succeeds
>> p. 606 two nice vignettes
1) Tarzan in dark shadow encircled by a row of spears
2) Tarzan at the edge of the cliff (
vignette taken as cover for the French Hachette's album)
>> p. 608 the fight of Tarzan against Hilsa, the warrior-woman

Tarzan reaches the village of the Berians looking for assistance,
but these people are weak and poor and instead of figting
prefer to sacrifice Tarzan to the spirit world in the meaning
they would get help from the gods or spirits against their enemies,
Tarzan avoids easily this attempt and manage to convince them to fight:
after having been instructed by Tarzan for battle,
Tarzan let a balloon be built to explore the barbarian fortress
and during this air journey, Tarzan discovers a secret tunnel to the mesa
and decides to attack with the Berians through this passage,
but they are discovered and a battle starts to take place,
finally Tarzan wins a personal fight against Brughat
and the Barbarians are vanquished
>> p. 622 fight with Brughat on the narrow bridge

b) Tarzan and the shining jewel of Kah (p. 623-641)
Tarzan's journey with Jonathan continues, they arrive
at a mysterious city (the name is here not given by Hogarth)
where Tarzan becomes involved in the quarrel
between the two queens: Elna and Nyra

Elna having escaped with Tarzan, Nyra takes the power
and orders an expedition to the island of Kah in order to steal
the bright shining powerful jewel of the Kashians
>> p. 624 Nyra's evil face
>> p. 627 Tarzan on the trail of Elna and Jonathan
sniffing to pick up their scent!

finally Tarzan and Elna join the expeditionary army to the island of Kah,
but during the sea-travel they are attacked by the Kashians
using giant mastodons (a kind of mammoth)
>> p. 631 the sea-battle

the Kashians remain victorious, Tarzan is now presented
to the bright shining jewel but surprisingly a second army
led now by the treacherous Jonathan is attacking the Kashians
who are submitted
>> p. 635 new graphic: Tarzan is drawn now in a circle vignette

Tarzan and Elna are made prisoners and Jonathan returns
to the queen Nyra with his prisoners and the famous jewel
>> p. 637 Jonathan shows his real nature:
he is a German spy with a tattoed swastika on his chest

Tarzan and Elna are to be executed but Tarzan manages to use
the mortal readium beam of the jewel as a weapoon
in order to annihilate the enemies, Nyra dies and Elna retakes her throne
n.b. the jewel is radiating a dangerous radio-active light

c) Tarzan against the sultan Kandulla together
with a second episode of Tarzan with the Amazones (p. 642-652)
leaving queen Elna, Tarzan is attacked and wounded
by the amazone Tibeela and brought to the village of the tree-women,
whereas strange pirates from the sea land near the village
>> p. 648 escaping from Tibeela, Tarzan becomes now fair game
for all the other amazones!
the pirates try to capture some amazones to sell them as slaves
to the sultan Kandulla, Tarzan wants to help the amazones
who are helpless against the firearms of the pirates,
finally Tarzan and some amazones are made prisoners
and brought to the cruel Kandulla,
however thanks Tarzan all the amazones can escape, but Tarzan remains
and the angry Kandulla decides to use Tarzan as his champion
in organized death tournaments
>> p. 660 the impudent amazones who will not accept to become slaves
in Kandulla's harem but take the mickey of Kandulla

>> the first story (Barbarians part 2) is still of very good quality,
but the second lacks a real plot
(probably Hogarth was abit confused about the development of the action),
however illustrations are quite suitable;
story and graphisme of the last episodes are abit downgraded,
but we are of course in wartime which is especially noted
in the graphic of the second episode which is somehow simplified,
the graphic lines (and sometimes also the narratives)
are not as fine as in the previous volumes

n.b. p. 651 new: a 3/4 size illustration (made of three small vignettes)

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