volume16 1947-1948

série: Tarzan Sunday Pages
dessinateur / scénariste: Hogarth Burne
éditeur: Flying Buttress EO 1996
genre: Aventure
classement: biblio1
date: 1996
format: cartonné avec jaquette
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: ****
remarques: sixteenth volume edited by NBM/Flying Buttress
(NBM being America's first publisher of graphic novels since 1976,
located at New York with imprints such as Flying Buttress Classics
Library, Amerotica, Eurotica and ComicsLit) under the supervision
of Bill Blackbeard out of a sery of 18 volumes,
all being accurate reproduction of the Sunday Pages
in their full colour and in full size, each volume has about 52 pages,

n.b. the sources of these Sunday pages are mainly
from the Los Angeles Times and from the Milwaukee Journal
edited by UFS (United Features Syndicate)

volume 16 1947-1948 with dust jacket from
9.11.1947 (870) to 31.10.1948 (921)
= 52 pages drawn by Hogarth based
on the novel of Edgar Rice Burroughs

all animals of the jungle unite to the rescue of Tarzan,
their friend and protector, who is dying! as word spreads,
his law becomes anarchy; arch enemies take advantage
of his weakness and wreak havoc, but Tantor the great elephant
patiently nurses Tarzan out of his deathly fever

the volume includes following episodes (number of pages):
- Tarzan against Queen N'ani (in the land of Opar): 27
- Tarzan in the land of Mua-Ao, part one: 25

no introduction

1/ Tarzan against Queen N'ani (in the land of Opar)
>> p. 870 a typical drawing of Hogarth's
piece of vegetation: the tree fern (fougère arborescente),
however it could also be a giant banana tree
Tarzan is dying but the creatures of the forest
hasten to save his life, espc.
>> p. 871 Nkima and the mighty Tantor on the rescue of Tarzan
(a nice picture of an elephant nearly flying through the jungle
and again a well painted villain's face)

meanwhile on the rumor of Tarzan's death, the long peace
in the jungle was broken by marauding evil people
(for them, Tarzan's death would mean: Africa is again ours)
>> but Tarzan regained life and the assembled beasts
of the jungle rejoice at Tarzan's recovery

now it is time for Tarzan to restore the law in the jungle
and he can asnwer the call of help from Pangola,
chief of the Wakambas in the Walolo valley;
on his quest, Tarzan is told of N'ani, queen of the white fires
who has enslaved the Wakambas to work in her diamond mines
>> p. 877 Tarzan on the vengeance trail facing an evil-looking swamp
he has to cross "a swamp is only a swamp" Tarzan dixit

finally Tarzan meets the spirit-men = the white fires
painted with phosphorous inflicting fear among the natives
and wearing a mailed shirt protecting them from spears and arrows;
when also meeting queen N'ani, Tarzan is offered many diamonds
as a reward for being at the queen's service but of course he refuses,
as a consequence, N'ani threatens Tarzan with his wife Jane
being taken prisoner of N'ani

to protect his wife, Tarzan feigns obeyance but in fact,
he is already preparing a plan to counter-attack by dislocating
a huge god statue in the cave causing then a natural catastrophe
which put his enemies out of action and succeeding in rescuing Jane

when leaving the ruined city of Opar, Tarzan is again confronted
with queen N'ani and her lions but finally
queen N'ani is killed by her own lions
>> p. 884 pictures of queen N'ani calling Tarzan
"an ignorant ape" with Jane captive of N'ani
>> p. 893 Tarzan's mighty strength
>> p. 896 Tarzan and his beautiful mate are happy again,
Jane, Tarzan's mate, is calling Tarzan, John
(p. 884-890-894 various sensual pictures of the gorgeous Jane)

n.b. the dying Tarzan was already in such a situation in the episode
"Tarzan and the vampire-queen" by Rubimor but the repetition
of this scene by Hogarth is of course shown
in a much more tragical way and with a better design
- as per page 877, the page's title changes again
and also from now on, there will be no presentation-title
any longer at the end of each page
advising Tarzan's next action on the following page

2/ Tarzan in the land of Mua-Ao
Jane has now be left behind and will no longer reappear
in Hogarth's stories, Nkima, the pet monkey, is also absent
in the jungle, Tarzan rescues two scientists
from a sudden assault of Sheeta, the black panther;
the elder scientist MacRae from New Zealand invites Tarzan
on board on his submarine built for exploration purposes,
MacRae's daughter Dona warns Tarzan not to board the submarine,
but too late to avoid Tarzan to be kept captive by treachery

the submarine is now sailing a thousand miles south
of the Cape of Good Hope for finding the lost continent of Mua-Ao;
having to repair an outlet valve, Tarzan and Travis the scientist
are attacked in the sea by a giant octopus, then arriving
near a group of islands, the submarine is lured by a mysterious junk
and suddenly Tarzan and the scientists are attacked
by grey-skinned armed men, together with the submarine,
they are taken to the lost land of Mua-Ao
by Umedemu, the strange bald commander
>> p. 909 the ugly evil face of Umedemu
(who will no longer reappear in the story)

the story of the land of Mua-Ao conquered by the Lathians
over the Polynesians, on entering the city of Mua-Ao,
Tarzan is appalled by the cruel treatment inflicted to a native chief,
together with Timaru the Maori, Tarzan rescues Rimali the Polynesian

when presented to king Ruzur and princess Thena, it is decided
that Tarzan shall be prepared for the arena trials,
there Tarzan meets the giant Soros who will fight against Tarzan
in the arena, Tarzan is also told about the striped death
>> p. 912 Soros, the mighty warrior

the noble Lurul is challenged by the felon Ruthtal,
Soros will fight for Ruthtal and Tarzan for Lurul
>> p. 915/916 the fight between Soros and Tarzan
to note page 915 with a large vertical
and horizontal vignette

when finally Tarzan is victorious over Soros, king Ruzur orders
to let them both killed by the striped death = a giant tiger,
but after having been again victorious about the beast,
Tarzan, Soros and Timaru succeed in escaping
into the jungle of Mua-Ao
>> p. 918 the fight against the striped death
and p. 917 what about Tarzan's own knife?

>> another beautiful volume of Hogarth, even more superb in design
than the previous ones, the drawing by Hogarth is just sublime,
his style has now reached its highpoint for the readers' great pleasure,
this new style of Hogarth is developing, full of movement, impulse,
audacity and violence, it is really the golden age of Hogarth
with a magnificent beauty of illustrations, the physique of Tarzan
(and also the faces) is perfect and the plot of great interest
with beautiful colours making also use
of different shades in the paintings

- front and back cover
- various pages of volume 16
- p. 870 the tree fern (or big banana tree)

- the tree ferns are arborescent (tree-like) ferns that grow
with a trunk elevating the fronds above ground level,
making them trees to some extent
- tree ferns are found growing in tropical and subtropical areas
worldwide, as well as cool to temperate rainforests
in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania
- the fronds of tree ferns are usually very large and
multiple-pinnate, their trunk is actually a vertical
and modified rhizome but woody tissue is absent

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