volume 2, issues 7-12

série: Tales from the crypt
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Gemstone EO 2007
genre: Horreur
classement: biblio520
date: 2007
format: hardcover, with jacket
état: TBE/N
valeur: 40 €
critère: ***
remarques: >> archive, see also dossier 463B US comics

artists = collective being Al Feldstein, Graham Ingels, Jack Davis, Johnny Craig,
Wally Wood, Jack Kamen, Howard Larsen, George Roussos, Joe Orlando

1/ foreword by Joe Dante (a producer of horror films)
experienced Bill Gaine's magazines in the fifties, espc. the tales from the crypt
with their brain-sizzling images which were gross (= coarse), disturbing, horrific
and altogether fascinating such as rotting corpses, dismembered limbs,
graveyard ghouls, terrified victims, violent deaths,
bloody orbs dangling from gory sockets
it was a long way from Duckburg!

2/ tales from the crypt, issue 23, april/may 1951
cover art: Al Feldstein, colors Marie Severin

a) reflection of death by Al Feldstein
(a dream becoming reality)

b) last respects by Graham Ingels
(to die in a mausoleum's cemetery)

c) séance by Jack Davis **
(medium fakers)

d) voodoo death byx Johnny Craig
(the zombie puppet)

>> p. 42-76-110 interview of Nancy Gaines
who entered EC comics in 1952
and married Bill Gaines in 1955

3/ tales from the crypt, issue 24, june/july 1951

a) bats in my belfry (= clocher) by Jack Davis **
(the destiny of a stone-deaf becoming a bat)

b) the living death by Graham Ingels **
(psychosomatic medecine against surgery)

c) midnight snack by Johnny Craig
(an act of cannibalism)

d) scared to death by Wally Wood
(uncle Alex's muddy corpse)

>> p. 78 EC Archives's advertisement

4/ tales from the crypt, issue 25, august/september 1951
>> a nice cover of Al Feldstein

a) the trophy by Jack Davis
(the hunter hunted)

b) Judy, you're not yourself today by Wally Wood
(exchange of bodies)

c) loved to death by Jack Kamen **
(too good a love potion)

d) the works... in wax by Graham Ingels
(a reference to Mme Tussaud's museum but
with the chamber of horrors)

5/ tales from the crypt, issue 26, october/november 1951
cover art: Wally Wood, colors: Marie Severin

a) drawn and quartered by Jack Davis **
(the painter that makes his paintings alive)

b) the borrowed body by Howard Larsen
(reborn in his murder's body)

c) indian burial mound by George Roussos
(an awkward mound to be levelled)

d) political pull by Graham Ingels **
(a spotless reputation for an election)

6/ tales from the crypt, issue 27, december 1951/january 1952

a) well-cooked hams by Jack Davis **
(the most amazing display of horror at
the Grand Guignol's theater)
e.g. 1951 New York's airport is named idlewild airport
Idlewild was a developer's name for a resort and later golf club on Jamaica Bay,
it provided the unofficial name for the airport being planned in the 1940s,
while the City Council and Mayor LaGuardia argued on what to call it,
there was no debate when the airport was rededicated
in honor of slain president John F. Kennedy in December 1963

b) madam Bluebeard by Joe Orlando **
(the lady and her seven murdered husbands)

c) return by Jack Kamen
(a spiritual apparition)

d) horror! head...it off by Graham Ingels
(the advantage of being beheaded)

>> p. 144 these horror stories were copied by other publishers
but those competitors could not reach the high standard of EC Comics
Al Feldstein remained with his crypt-keeper,
however Jack Davis created the vault-keeper
and Johnny Craig the old witch
those 3 characters were named the ghoulunatics

>> p. 180 description of Joe Orlando
latest addition to EC Comics, he was a friend of Wally Wood
who introduced him to EC Comics

>> p. 180 the list of titles published 1951/1952 by EC Comics
(in the order of their publication):
the haunt of fear, weird science, crime suspenStories,
Frontline-Combat, Tales from the crypt, weird fantasy,
the vault of horror, shock suspenStories, Two-Fisted Tales

7/ tales from the crypt, issue 28, february/march 1952
nice cover from Al Feldstein, again cover artist, colors: Marie Severin
e.g. although Wally Wood did a creditable job on the two covers,
it was apparent
that his real forte was in the science-fiction and war titles
and after these two issues (26 and 27),
Wood's distinctive artwork would disappear
from the horror titles continuing to dominate the other publications
including the new fledgling (= young bird just able to fly) title "Mad"

a) bargain in death by Jack Davis **
(the disection of cadavers, one body
being buried alive; deject = sad, gloomy

b) ants in her trance by Joe Orlando **
(the astounding art of hypnotism)

c) A-Corny story by Jack Kamen **
(a tree with the power to make his owner
returning to young ages, even to the baby state;
acorn = seed of fruit of an oak tree)

d) the ventriloquist's dummy by Graham Ingels **
(the left hand of the artist being the
mortal head of dummy Morty;
cleaver = heavy knife of a butcher)

issue No. 28 is a very good issue indeed
>> p. 212 the development of the old witch character
and her final version by Graham Ingels

>> the horror stories of EC Comics have now reached their pinnacle,
very good covers in issues Nos. 25 and 28
as well as some excellent horror stories (the best ones being **)

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