tome 1 fantastic art of Vallejo

série: Boris Vallejo
dessinateur / scénariste: Vallejo Boris
éditeur: Ballantine EO 1978
genre: Heroic-Fantasy
classement: biblio525
date: 1978
format: cartonné with jacket
état: TBE
valeur: 15 €
critère: **
remarques: English book with 40 colour paintings of Boris Vallejo
some of them unpublished

foreword by Lester del Rey
- painting scenes derived from fantasy material
is one of the most demanding challenges an artist can face,
in most cases there are no living models of the characters and creatures
with which fantasy deals
- except perhaps in the case of a few best-sellers,
it is the cover art which must sell a mass-market work of fiction
- Vellajo is of Peruvian origin, he visited the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes
(National School of Fine Arts) and then went to the States
where he was shortly afterwards engaged by Marvel,
he is now a free lance artist
- some of his paintings have reached great fame
by illustrating the covers of well-known books and comics
such as Tarzan, Conan, Doc Savage and other fantasy fiction
- his paintings are real pieces of art depicting
magnificent women, heroic men, beasts and monds as well
as worlds of glory and mistery
- about the only area of fantasy wish-dreaming
that Boris Vallejo seemd not to work in was the deep-space tale,
with its emphasis on hardware,
it seemed that his talent must be best suited
for the depiction of living creatures, real or imaginary
>> p. 6 a complete sequence of steps,
Boris Vallejo takes to produce a painting

best illustrations among the 40 paintings produced
in the seventies:
>> p. 23 the high couch of Silistra
>> p. 25 demon in the mirror
>> p. 27 Tarzan and the castaways
>> p. 31 Tarzan, lord of the jungle
>> p. 33 primeval princess (being the cover of this book)
>> p. 39 Nubian warrior
>> p. 57 the amazon's pet
>> p. 67 Tarzan the untamed
>> p. 69 gateways
(painting of space tales, a spaceship)
>> p. 77 through the reality warp
>> p. 79 the secrets of synchronocity
>> p. 85 the maker of universes
>> p. 87 I am a barbarian
>> p. 93 Tarnsman of Gor

>>> one of the first books publishing the art of Boris Vallejo,
here is the stuff of myths and visions, the kinds of primal image
that exert a powerful pull on the readers
and herein lies Vallejo's true gift, a gift that goes beyond
mere technical virtuosity to strike a deep and responsive chord
in all our imaginations with the rare talent to capture
the essence of our dreams and fantasies

- cover of the book, a primeval princess
- the amazon's pet
- Tarzan, lord of the jungle
- I am a barbarian
- the secrets of synchronocity
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