tome 3 fantasy art techniques

série: Boris Vallejo
dessinateur / scénariste: Vallejo Boris
éditeur: Dragon's world EO 1985
genre: Heroic-Fantasy
classement: biblio525
date: 1985
format: cartonné with jacket
état: TBE
valeur: 10 €
critère: **
remarques: foreword by Isaac Asimov
who was related to Boris Vallejo for the cover of many Asimov's books
such as the "chrome robot"
the present book is not text alone,
it is a collection of Vallejo's artistic creations
and this represents a feast for the eye

introduction by Boris Vallejo
- I did go to art school, I did become well acquainted
with established methods and rules and I did study and copy
the painting of Old Masters
from time to time, people have commented about my original work,
"this is so good it looks just like a print"
but with rare exceptions, original work contains much more than any print,
the subtlety of colour is often lost in printing
and the nuances of contrast are lost also
>> p. 10 siren song

1) the concept
to be succesful, the scenes from one's imagination must be convincing enough
for a viewer to be willing to go along with the designer
the immediate environment is a tremendous source of ideas for the artist,
then the imagination must take over
>> p. 21 lavalite world

2) the seeing
the secret of learning to draw is in learning to see,
the ability to paint is the ability to translate three-dimensional
objects into two-dimensional ones
what you primarily have to learn to see is how the spaces relate to the masses
once you have grasped this, you will understand how to create the illusion of depth
>> p. 35 lord of the wolfes
>> p. 40 the well-known painting of Vallejo:
the primeval princess

3) skin tones
there is no one way to do skin tones,
if people are depicted outdoors, their skin should appear to have
a different tone than if they shown indoors
the skin tones in Vallejo's paintings look "real"
because they look like what you expect, what you are used to seeing,
for example, the hips, the breasts of women,
wherever the skin is thinner, more delicate, will have shadings of blue
and when rendering skin, it is important to be aware of its softness and flexibility
>> p. 45 Nubians
>> p. 47 last battle

4) the models and photographs
today, 90% of all illustrators work from photographs,
it saves time and money
however when using photographs you mostly lose the third dimension,
therefore sketching from life models is essential
and as an artist, you should be able
to make the alterations necessary for a more aesthetic or pleasing effect
>> p. 61 the victorious Tor

5) the rough sketch
in developing a rough sketch, the painter should think in terms of solids
before defining anything, beginning with masses or lumps,
doing tracing upon tracing, first the mass, then the elements,
then starting defining
>> p. 64 to 69 examples of rough sketches
>> p. 71 scarecrow angel
>> p. 73 the executioner
>> p. 75 the magnificent Tor
>> p. 77 Barbarian queens

6) painting and underpainting
after the tracing, transfer to the prepared board
by using two coats, first the underpainting with an acrylic wash
followed by a thin, so-called "glaze" or transparent coat of colour
and to finish a special paint is used to make colours appear especially brilliant
>> p. 89 broken sword
>> p. 91 the sorceress
>> p. 93 red amazon
>> p. 101 space gardian
>> p. 103 the witch and her familiar

7) painting for Heavy Metal
this painting is made in 6 stage,
one of the things that Vallejo feels is particularly
important in a painting is a sense of drama,
this is created with effective composition and propitious use of colour and light
>> p. 111 Heavy Metal, the finished painting

8) female wrestlers
the rendering of the figures is different
for blonde and for brunette girls
>> p. 115 female wrestlers

9) chrome robot
principally made from human models
>> p. 121 chrome robot
for Isaac Asimov collection of stories

10) preparing a portfolio
a strong portfolio should be homogeneous;
the pieces should be related in terms of subject and style
and they should be all about the same size
>> p. 123 a painting for Conan's portfolio

>> a book that is mostly technical about the methods of painting,
but with still some nice pictures, sometimes even unpublished,
produced in the eighties

- cover of the book
- last battle
- siren song
- lavalite world
- the sorceress
- the magnificent Tor

Vallejo works almost exclusively in the fantasy and erotica genres,
his hyper-representational paintings have graced the covers of dozens
of science fiction paperbacks and are featured in a series of best-selling glossy calendars
subjects of his paintings are typically sword and sorcery gods,
monsters, and well-muscled male and female barbarians engaged in battle.
Vallejo's work is often compared to the work of Frank Frazetta,
not only because it is similar stylistically, but also since Frazetta
painted covers for paperbacks of some of the same characters

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