no 6 the damnation plague

série: Ka-Zar, lord of the jungle
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Heroic-Fantasy
classement: carton132
date: 1974
format: broché
état: TBE
valeur: 10 €
critère: *
remarques: Ka-Zar, the Tarzan of Marvel Comics
appeared in 6 series:
1/ in Marvel Super heroes, solo story in no 19 (1969)
2/ 7 issues (1974-1975) titled Savage Tales of Ka-Zar
as a continuation of Savage Tales of Conan No. 5 July 1974
in which Ka-Zar appeared as a second startling feature
3/ Ka-Zar lord of the hidden jungle, 20 issues (1974-1977)
which continued the storyline from Astonishing Tales
4/ Ka-Zar the Savage, 34 issues (1981-1984)
5/ Ka-Zar, 20 issues (1997-1998)
6/ Ka-Zar, 5 issue miniseries (2011)

n.b. only the issues of Savage Tales of Ka-Zar
+ one issue of the third series are collected here

no 6 Savage Tales featuring Ka-Zar, September 1974,
in continuation of Savage Tales of Conan no 5,
cover painting by Neal Adams

1/ Ka-Zar, the damnation plague
by Gerry Conway and John Buscema
n.b. Ka-Zar fights and kills
>> p. 19 fully twenty seconds after the bite in its leg,
the thunder lizard grows aware of the pain

2/ the saga of Brak the Barbarian

3/ Jann of the jungle, a feminine Tarzan
in fangs ot the black orchida
by David Krafr and Al Williamson
n.b. a heroine from the fabulous 1950's drawn by
the inimitable Al Williamson, the artist of "secret agent Corrigan"

4/ Marok the merciless, dragonseed
by Len Wein and Steve Gan

5/ Ka-Zar, the night of the looter
by Stan Lee and John Buscema

A/ Ka-Zar is the name of two jungle-dwelling
fictional comic book characters published in the United States,
the first Ka-Zar was named David Rand, and debuted in 1936,
first appearing in pulp magazines of the 1930s,
in 1939 he was adapted for his second iteration,
a comic book character for Timely Comics,
the 1930s and 1940s predecessor of Marvel Comics,

the second and more prominent Ka-Zar was named Kevin Plunder
and first appeared in 1965,
he is a heroic character appearing in American comic books
published by Marvel Comics
this second Ka-Zar started as a similar character,
but reminiscent of both Tarzan
and of writer-artist Joe Kubert's 1950s caveman character
created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the X-Men #10 (March 1965),
he lives in the dinosaur-populated Savage Land
which was hidden beneath Antarctica by extraterrestrials,
the character was based on his pulp magazine namesake
only to the extent that he used
the same name and rough "jungle lord" concept
and Lee has admitted that he had never even read
any of the original Ka-Zar stories!

originally written as a primitive and belligerent savage
who spoke in broken English,
Ka-Zar later became more articulate and civilized,
although he retained a certain degree of distrust toward civilization
and was generally wary of outside visitors to the Savage Land,
Kevin Plunder refers to himself as the "Lord of the Savage Land",
a phrase others have adopted, but this is not a formal title

Ka-Zar's first solo story was published in Marvel Super-Heroes #19 (1969)
and the character had features in the black-and-white magazine Savage Tales
as well as in the color title Astonishing Tales,
he has had seven self-titled series as Savage Tales (1974-1975),
the third, (which continued the storyline from Astonishing Tales) in 1974-1977
(20 issues, subtitled Lord of the Hidden Jungle)
by Mike Friedrich, Gerry Conway, and Doug Moench,
the fourth in 1981-1984 (Ka-Zar the Savage, 34 issues)
by Bruce Jones and Mike Carlin,
the fifth in 1997-1998 (20 issues) written by Mark Waid
and the sixth in 2011 (5 issue miniseries) written by Paul Jenkins

B/ Ka-Zar is Kevin Reginald, Lord Plunder,
born in Castle Plunder, Kentish Town, London, England,
he is the eldest son of Lord Robert Plunder,
the English nobleman who discovered the Savage Land,
after his mother had died and his father was killed
by the barbaric Man-Ape natives of the Savage Land,
Plunder was found and raised by the sabertooth tiger Zabu
who possesses near-human intelligence
thanks to a mutation caused by radioactive mists,
Ka-Zar means "son of the tiger" in the language of the Man-Apes,
Ka-Zar and Zabu are constant partners,
Ka-Zar became an expert hunter, trapper
and fisherman, living off the wild land

in the Savage Land, some territories are populated
by several human or humanoid tribes,
and while most of them are on friendly terms with Ka-Zar,
some of them consider him an outlander and an enemy,
he acts more like an unofficial general protector,
preventing outside commercial exploitation,
such as poaching and mining, as well as enforcing peace
between tribes and serving as goodwill ambassador to friendly visitors

the original X-Men discovered the Savage Land, and Ka-Zar encountered them,
battling Maa-Gor for the first time, he then also encountered Daredevil
and battled his brother Parnival
who had become the supervillain called the Plunderer
he first battled Magneto's Savage Land Mutates alongside the X-Men,
he also encountered the Hulk for the first time
and battled Umbu the Unliving,
Ka-Zar was once "tricked" into confronting Spider-Man
after J. Jonah Jameson convinced him that Spider-Man was a menace
when the wall-crawler's memory was erased
and he was tricked into working with Doctor Octopus,
Spider-Man's memory was restored during the fight,
with Ka-Zar subsequently apologizing for the mistake
and proclaiming Spider-Man as the most valiant opponent he had ever fought

Ka-Zar then battled Kraven the Hunter for the first time,
shortly after this encounter,
Ka-Zar encounters Zaladane and Garokk for the first time

after the Savage Land became known to outsiders after the visit by the X-Men,
many people began traveling to the territory,
Ka-Zar has also become romantically involved with female visitors,
the first being S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Barbara Morse
(who later became the Avenger named Mockingbird)
he first battled A.I.M., and met the Man-Thing,
he then met Spider-Man once again, and battled the extraterrestrial Gog
next he met the adventurer Shanna O'Hara,
he battled Klaw, and visited other dimensions
He and his allies faded mysteriously from that other dimension,
then teamed with the X-Men to battle Zaladane and a reborn Garokk

Ka-Zar, during a search for the lost Zabu, later discovered Pangaea,
an ancient refuge created by the Atlanteans,
Ka-Zar and Shanna began to gradually fall in love,
he then battles Belasco for the first time,
after a meeting with A.I.M. spies disguised as scientists,
Ka-Zar is shot in the head, but survives
he is flown to New York City, but escapes the plane at Kennedy Airport
with no memory and no ability to speak,
he wanders New York, saving lives and fighting crime,
his memory returns and he encounters Kraven The Hunter again
who has been released from prison by an A.I.M. agent to capture him,
saved by Shanna and Spider-Man, he is brought to the hospital
where A.I.M. fakes his death in order to use him in a scheme
escaping with Spider-Man's aid, he and Shanna return to the Savage Land
he later marries Shanna, who has taken the name Shanna the She-Devil,
during the ceremony, a war
(incited by the machinations of Belasco) breaks out in Pangea
which ends when Ka-Zar and Shanna are banished,
his brother Parnival arrived in the Savage Land,
searching for anti-metal Vibranium, and was apparently killed during his scheme
(though much later turned up alive)
during this scheme, a Nuwali transport device is uncovered
and Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu are transported to the Nuwali planet
the Nuwali use human adrenalin to poison their rivals
and also reveal to Shanna that she is pregnant

Ka-Zar has teamed up with several of Marvel's heroes,
the X-Men are recurrent visitors to the Savage Land
and Ka-Zar has been a frequent ally,
helping the mutant team defeat both inside and outside menaces
such as Sauron and Magneto,
he has met Spider-Man on several occasions,
one of which involved stopping Stegron the Dinosaur Man
from invading New York City with Savage Land dinosaurs,
Ka-Zar has also assisted the Avengers
in their attempt to repel the space conqueror Terminus,
but while they rescued many natives, they were unable
to prevent the destruction of the Savage Land,
Ka-Zar was rescued by the Avengers,
but left the Savage Land for the civilized world
together, he and Shanna had a son named Matthew,
the territory was later reconstructed by the High Evolutionary using Garokk
and Ka-Zar and Shanna returned with their newborn and resumed their previous roles

Ka-Zar and Shanna separated for a time, but got back together before long,
Ka-Zar fought and defeated Thanos in one of his many attempts to end life
and later sought the help of investigator Jessica Jones for assistance locating Zabu

Shanna and Ka-Zar find Skrulls mining the rare metal vibranium in the Savage Land
soon afterward as part of the "Secret Invasion" storyline,
a Skrull ship crashes in the Savage Land releasing earlier versions
of modern superheroes (who claim to be the originals replaced by Skrulls for some time)
and who have escaped,
Shanna and Ka-Zar soon learn, however,
that these are simply more Skrulls in disguise,
Spider-Man soon encounters Ka-Zar, Shanna, Zabu
and some of the natives accusing them of being Skrulls,
just then, the Captain America from the ship attacked thinking the same for Spider-Man,
Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu help Spider-Man fight the Captain America from the ship
until it is hit by a dart that causes it to regress to a Skrull named Pit'o Nilli,
he then later goes with the rest of the Avengers to New York City
to help them fight off the Skrull invasion
while Shanna stays behind with Zabu to fight off
anymore Skrulls left in the Savage Land

Ka-Zar later meets Reptil when he and Tigra have rescued Moon-Boy,
after reuniting Moon-Boy with Devil Dinosaur,
Ka-Zar tells Reptil that he will help him find his parents

Ka-Zar and Shanna later encounter the return of the Ethereals
and end up fighting them when it comes to the Ethereals
wanting the tribes of the Savage Land to be united with them
he later teams with Skaar to protect the Savage Land from outside forces

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