no 2 the Punisher

série: Marvel Preview
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Policier
classement: carton131
date: 1975
format: broché
état: TBE
valeur: 30 €
critère: *
remarques: Marvel Preview no 2, serie 2928, 1975
cover Gray Morrow

1/ the Punisher, America's greatest crime destroyer,
an all-new blazing adventure Marvel's first crime executioner
unleashed with the fury of a blazing howitzer,
death sentence by Gerry Conway and Tony Dezuniga

2/ interview with Don Pendelton,
author of a serie of novels with the nation's literary assassin:
Mack Bolan, the Executioner, the man who declared war to the mafia

3/ Dominic Fortune, the power broker resolution
by Lein Wein and Howard Chaykin
commentary on the Punisher, see >> Marvel Super action

B) the executioner
the executioner is the name of different fictional characters
appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics,
the executioner first appeared in Journey into Mystery #103 (April 1964)
and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

a) origin: Skurge was born in Jotunheim, and later became a warrior,
gaining the name executioner after fighting in a war against the Storm giants,
Skurge has always had feelings for Amora, the Enchantress
and regularly aids her in various evil schemes to gain control of Asgard,
however, the Enchantress only manipulates him,
using her charms to keep Skurge under her thrall,
Loki, the trickster god, also has used Skurge many times

b) the executioner is also a monthly men's action-adventure series
following the exploits of the character Mack Bolan
and his wars against organized crime and international terrorism
(showing therefore a great similarity to the actions of the Punisher),
the series spans #453 installments (as of December 2017)
and has sold more than 200 million copies
since its debut installment: war against the Mafia,
the series was created and initially written by American author Don Pendleton,
who penned 37 of the original 38 Bolan novels,
in 1980, Pendleton licensed the rights to Gold Eagle
and was succeeded by a collective of ghostwriters.

C) Dominic Fortune
created by Howard Chaykin and based on the Scorpion,
Chaykin's character for the failed Atlas/Seaboard Comics company,
Dominic Fortune was originally a 1930s costumed, fortune-seeking adventurer
(again a great similarity with the Punisher)

he was part of Marvel's Comics code-free black-and-white magazine line,
his first two appearances occurred in Marvel Preview #2 (1975)
and Marvel Super Action #1 (January 1976), a one-shot magazine,
these stories were later reprinted in Marvel Preview #20 (Winter 1980)

he next appeared as "Dominic Fortune, brigand For hire"
as a backup feature in Hulk (a full-color magazine,
formerly the Rampaging Hulk) #21 - #25 (June 1980 - February 1981),
written by Denny O'Neil with fully painted artwork by Chaykin,
issue #24 (December 1980) contains a short editorial to the effect
that although the magazine was reverting to b/w from the following issue,
(n.b. b/w = black and white comics)
this would be "with the exception of the Dominic Fortune strip
which will be in color through its offbeat conclusion in issue #26."
despite this assertion, and an advertisement in issue #25
for a Dominic Fortune story in issue #26,
issue #25's story, "Slay Bells", was the last published,
contemporaneously, Fortune appeared in Marvel Premiere #56 (October 1980),
in a story plotted by Len Wein and laid out by Chaykin
for the never-published Marvel Super-Action #2,
and finished by David Michelinie and Terry Austin

the original name of Dominic Fortune was Jerry Fortunov,
when Jerry Fortunov thought that his father had been killed,
he swore vengeance on the Iron Monger,
donning his father's costume, Jerry Fortunov became the new Dominic Fortune
however Jerry Fortunov's career as Dominic Fortune
was short discovering that his father was alive Jerry,
with help from Iron Man, attacked the estate of Simon Steele,
he was fatally injured in the battle, shot by Simon Steele,
and died in his father's arms

in his prime, David Fortunov was an athletic man,
he was also a superb hand-to-hand combatant and excellent boxer,
and an expert marksman and swordsman,
in modern times, despite his advanced age,
David is in excellent physical condition and still retains much of his physical skills;
he does, however, tire easily.
while less physically skilled than his father,
Jerry Fortunov was a skilled tax lawyer with some training in marksmanship

Dominic Fortune uses a variety of handguns, particularly the Mauser C96,
using 9 mm parabellum ammunition
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