no 1 the man who cried werewolf

série: Monsters unleashed
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Horreur
classement: carton131
date: 1973
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 20 €
critère: *
remarques: a serie of 11 issues from August 1973 to April 1975,
black and white, 76 pages, 75 cents
only the 5 first issues are collected here
with the logo Marvel Monster Group on the cover

Monsters unleashed no 1, serie 2188, 1973
cover Gray Morrow

1/ the man who cried Werewolf
the man becoming a wolf
by Gerry Conway and Pablo Marcos

2/ the thing in the freezer

3/ vampire tale

4/ Solomon Kane, skulls in the stars
by Roy Thomas and Ralh Reese

5/ portrait of a werewolf by Tony Isabella

6/ one foot in the grave

7/ the fake

8/ world of warlocks
by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan

the first publication titled Monsters Unleashed
was an American black-and-white horror comics magazine
published by Magazine Management, a corporate sibling of Marvel Comics,
the series ran 11 issues cover-dated 1973 to April 1975 plus one annual publication,
with sister titles including Dracula Lives, Tales of the Zombie and Vampire Tales,
it was published by Marvel Comics' parent company, Magazine Management
and related corporations, under the brand emblem Marvel Monster Group,
the first issue was dated simply 1973, but the second issue of the magazine,
published quarterly, was cover-dated September 1973

a magazine rather than a comic book, it did not fall under the purview
of the comics industry's self-censorship Comics Code Authority,
allowing the title to feature stronger content
— such as moderate profanity, partial nudity, and more graphic violence —
than color comics of the time

Monsters Unleashed primarily featured standalone horror stories,
both original and reprinted, including from pre-comics Code comics
from Marvel Comics' 1950s iteration (new version), Atlas Comics

occasionally featured stories starring the Marvel Comics swamp monster Man-Thing,
the Marvel version of the Frankenstein monster, the bestial Wendigo,
the science-fiction adventurer Gullivar Jones and the superheroine Tigra,
it also included text features on monster movies

Monsters Unleashed was edited by Roy Thomas for the first six issues,
succeeded by Tony Isabella, and then Don McGregor for the last two issues,
the painted covers were illustrated
by the likes of Gray Morrow, Boris Vallejo, Neal Adams,
Frank Brunner, Bob Larkin, Richard Hescox, Earl Norem, and Jose Antonio Domingo
in addition to the 11 issues there was one annual publication in 1975
consisting completely of stories reprinted from the magazine
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