no 3 when the gods grave flesh

série: Tales of the Zombie
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Horreur
classement: carton131
date: 1974
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 15 €
critère: *
remarques: Tales of the Zombie no 3, serie 2189, January 1974
cover Boris Vallejo

1/ the Zombie, when the gods grave flesh
with the supremely exotic voodoo priestess Katanya
by Steve Gerber and Pablo Marcos

2/ net result, the man with the net
n.b. the collected collecting collectors

3/ warrior's burden,
the eternal warrior from the grave
by Tony Isabella and Vicente Alcazar

4/ I won't stay dead
the man who was declared dead but
who did not want to be buried!

5/ Jilimbi's word,
a startling tale of Voodoo vengeance
in the haunted climes of Haiti
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