no10 the skull of science

série: Creatures on the loose
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Horreur
classement: carton131
date: 1971
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 20 €
critère: *
remarques: continued from Tower of Shadows issue 9,
the serie started out as a comic with reprint stories
of horror and monster comics,
but from issue 16 and on became the home for Marvel stars
such as Gullivar Jones, Thongor and Man-Wolf
retitled Thongor, warrior of lost Lemura as per no 22

serie of 12 issues (no 10 March 1971 to no 21 January 1973)
the numbers 11 to 14 (4 issues are missing in this collection)

Creatures on the loose, no 10, serie 2480, March 1971

1/ the skull of silence with King Kull
by Roy Thomas and Bernie Wrightson

2/ Trull, the unhuman (an alien)
parts one and two by Kirby+Ayers

retitled Creatures on the Loose with issue #10 (March 1971),
this version led off with a seven-page King Kull story
by Thomas and artist Bernie Wrightson,
the book included new stories by artists Herb Trimpe in #11,
Syd Shores in #12, and Reed Crandall in #13,
then became all-reprint until issue #16 (March 1972),
when writer Thomas and the art team of Gil Kane and Bill Everett
introduced the series "Gullivar Jones, warrior of Mars",
starring an interplanetary earthman created by author Edwin L. Arnold
in his 1905 book Lieut. Gullivar Jones: his vacation.
following another issue by Thomas and one by Gerry Conway,
science fiction novelist George Alec Effinger wrote the final three installments

Effinger continued as writer for the series that immediately followed,
in issue #22 (March 1973): "Thongor! warrior of Lost Lemuria",
adapting a sword-and-sorcery barbarian character created by author Lin Carter,
following writers Tony Isabella and Gardner Fox,
Carter himself co-wrote (with Steve Gerber)
the final two installments

Thomas, Marvel's associate editor at the time,
recalled in 2007 that Thongor had been the company's first choice
when Marvel decided to publish a licensed fantasy character,
rather than the eventual hit Conan the Barbarian,
publisher Martin Goodman authorized us to go after a character,
"I first went after Lin Carter's Thongor,
who was a quasi-Conan with elements of John Carter of Mars,
partly because editor-in-chief Stan Lee liked that name the most,
I soon got stalled by Lin Carter's agent on Thongor
(he was hoping I'd offer more than the $150 per issue I was authorized to offer),
and I got a sudden impulse to go after Conan"

the title's last series, "Man-Wolf", starred John Jameson,
the werewolf son of Spider-Man supporting character J. Jonah Jameson,
it ran from issue #30-37 (July 1974 -Sept. 1975),
Its writers were Doug Moench, Isabella, and David Anthony Kraft,
with art by pencilers George Tuska and George Pérez,
the serie depicted Jameson as a god to an alien race,
the serie was finally finished years later in Marvel Premiere #45-46
(December 1978 and February 1979).
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