no22 the demon of Zangabal

série: Thongor
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Heroic-Fantasy
classement: carton131
date: 1973
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 10 €
critère: *
remarques: continued at no 22 from the serie Creatures on the loose,
8 issues from no 22 (March 1973) to no 19 May 1974),
retitled Man-Wolf at no 30

Thongor no 22, serie 2480, March 1973

1/ Thongor, warrior of lost Lemuria
the demon of Zangabal
by Alec Effinger and Val Mayerik

2/ Gundar, the ghost viking
by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Thongor of Lemuria is a fantasy novel by American writer Lin Carter,
the second book of his Thongor serie set
on the fictional ancient lost continent of Lemuria (kind of Atlantis)
it was first published in paperback by Ace Books in 1966,
the author afterwards revised and expanded the text,
in which form it was reissued as Thongor and the Dragon City,
first published in paperback by Berkley Books in 1970,
this retitled and revised edition became
the standard edition for later reprintings

the Thongor serie is Carter's premier creation
in the Sword and Sorcery genre,
representing a tribute to both the Conan series of Robert E. Howard
and the Barsoom novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs,
Carter pictures the lost continent of Lemuria as a prehistoric land mass
existing in the South Pacific Ocean during the Ice Age,
on which Mesozoic lifeforms persisted after the catastrophe
which wiped them out elsewhere,
an intelligent reptilian-humanoid race descended from dinosaur
forebears reigned supreme as the dominant life form,
but was partially supplanted by humanity
as the continent was colonized by fauna from outside Lemuria,
humans have gradually thrown off the subjection
in which they were initially held by the older civilization,
culturally, Lemuria is a mixture of civilization and barbarism,
but overall is precociously advanced over the outside world,
boasting a magic-based technology
that even includes flying machines

the Thongor books relate the struggle of the titular hero
to unite the humans of Lemuria into a single empire
and complete the overthrow of the "dragon kings"

the Thongor books helped reestablish
the Sword and Sorcery genre in the 1960s,
Thongor was a successful ongoing series,
paving the way for an explosion of similar works by other hands,
it inspired such spin-offs as a comic book serie and a rock group,
after Carter was recruited by L. Sprague de Camp
to assist in continuing Howard's original Conan series,
however, his interest in Thongor waned,
ultimately the Thongor saga remained unfinished
and was already out of print well before the author's death,
as of September 2016, the author and long-time friend of Lin Carter, d
dr. Robert M. Price, released a collected edition of original Thongor stories
with an introduction by Richard A. Lupoff
according to Price's official website, he states that
″in the last few years, I have taken up the fallen banner
of Lin Carter’s Thongor of Lemuria saga,
Carter appointed me his literary executor,
and so I feel that carrying on Thongor’s adventures is within my prerogative
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