no 1 the lighted torch

série: Human Torch
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: ScienceFiction
classement: carton131
date: 1990
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 10 €
critère: *
remarques: the Human Torch is a fictional superhero appearing
in American comic books published by Marvel Comics
the character is a founding member of the Fantastic Four,
the original Human Torch debuted in present-day Marvel Comics
continuity in Fantastic Four Annual #4 (Nov. 1966)

only 4 issues were published in 1990 with the title
Saga of the Original Human Torch Vol 1
an original serie title the human torch
ran from no 2 (autumn 1940) to no 35 (March 1949)
and some numbers hereof are now worth about $ 1000.- each!
(the number 5 even with $ 5200.-)

n.b. these four issues contain several references
to the second world war, espc. relating
to Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in issue no 3
as per issue no 2, the human Torch has
a new companion, Toro the kid human torch

1/ human torch, the lighted torch
by Roy Thomas and Rich Buckler
>> page 7 and just imagine if Adolf Hitler
got his hands on this walking flame-thrower!

- cover human torch no 1 1990
- cover human torch no 26 1947
- a panel of human torch in issue no 1 1990

Human Torch is writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby's reinvention
of a similar, previous character, the android Human Torch
of the same name and powers
who was created in 1939 by writer-artist Carl Burgos for Marvel Comics

like the rest of the Fantastic Four, Jonathan "Johnny" Storm
gained his powers on a spacecraft bombarded by cosmic rays,
he can engulf his entire body in flames, fly,
absorb fire harmlessly into his own body,
and control any nearby fire by sheer force of will,
"flame on!" which the Torch customarily shouts
when activating his full-body flame effect, has become his catchphrase

the youngest of the group, he is brash and impetuous
in comparison to his reticent and compassionate older sister, Susan Storm,
his sensible brother-in-law, Reed Richards, and the grumbling Ben Grimm

in the early 1960s, he starred in a series of solo adventures,
published in Strange Tales,
Human Torch is also a friend and frequent ally of the superhero Spider-Man,
who is approximately the same age

created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby,
Johnny Storm is a renovation of Carl Burgos's original character,
the android Human Torch, created for Timely Comics in 1939,
Storm first appeared in The Fantastic Four #1 (cover-dated Nov. 1961),
establishing him as a member of the titular superhero team.

additionally, he starred in a solo feature
in Strange Tales #101-134 (Oct. 1962 – July 1965),
an eight-issue series, the Human Torch (Sept. 1974 – Nov. 1975),
reprinting stories from that solo feature,
a 12-issue series, Human Torch (June 2003 - June 2004)
by writer Karl Kesel and penciler Skottie Young,
as well as a five-issue team-up
miniseries Spider-Man/Human Torch (March–July 2005)
by writer Dan Slott and penciler Ty Templeton

he co-starred in two one-shot comics, Spider-Man & the Human Torch
in... Bahia De Los Muertos! #1 (May 2009),
by writer Tom Beland and artist Juan Doe,
and Incredible Hulk & the Human Torch: From the Marvel Vault #1,
a previously unpublished story from 1984,
originally intended for Marvel Team-Up by plotter Jack C. Harris,
scriptwriter and artist Kesel, and breakdown artist Steve Ditko

other than in comics, human torch has other versions
in television, movies, video games and toy figures

Johnny Storm gained a number of superhuman powers
as a result of the mutagenic effects of the cosmic radiation
he was exposed to, all of which are related to fire,
his primary ability to envelop his body in fiery plasma without harm to himself,
in which form he is able to fly by providing thrust
behind himself with his own flame,
and to generate powerful streams and/or balls of flame,
he can also manipulate his flame in such a way as to shape it
into rings and other forms, even when not engulfed in flame himself,

Storm has the ability to control any fire within his immediate range of vision,
causing it to increase or decrease in intensity
or to move in a pattern directed by his thoughts,
additionally, he is able to absorb fire/plasma
into his body with no detrimental effects.

the plasma field immediately surrounding his body is hot enough
to vaporize projectiles that approach him,
including but not limited to bullets,
he does not generally extend this flame-aura beyond a few inches from his skin,
so as not to ignite nearby objects,
Storm refers to his maximum flame output as his "nova flame",
which he can release omnidirectionally,
flame of any temperature lower than this cannot burn or harm the Torch,
the "nova" effect can occur spontaneously
when he absorbs an excessive amount of heat,
although he can momentarily suppress the release when necessary,
with considerable effort

Storm has demonstrated enough control that he can hold a person
while in his flame form without his passenger feeling discomforting heat,
his knowledge extends to general information about fire as well,
supported by regular visits to fire-safety lectures at various firehouses in New York,
in one instance when poisoned, Storm superheated his blood to burn the toxin out

Storm's ability to ignite himself is limited
by the quantity of oxygen in his environment,
and his personal flame has been extinguished by sufficient quantities of water,
flame retardant foam, and vacuum environments,
he can reignite instantly once oxygen is returned with no ill effects.

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