no79 the metal conqueror

série: Mystery in Space
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: DC Comics
genre: ScienceFiction
classement: carton131
date: 1962
format: 1962
état: TBE
valeur: 20 €
critère: *
remarques: Mystery in space no 79, November 1962
representative sample of the serie

1/ Adam Strange, Rann's champion of champions
the metal conqueror of Rann

n.b. Adam Strange is a science fiction superhero
appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics,
created by editor Julius Schwartz with a costume
designed by Murphy Anderson,
he first appeared in Showcase #17 (November 1958)
in May 2011, Adam Strange placed 97th
on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time

Adam Strange, alone of all earthmen, has been given
of traveling across 25 trillion miles of space,
espc. to the planet of the star-sun Alpha Centauri

2/ the phantom spaceman

- cover of issue no 79 of 1962
- cover of first issue no 1 of 1951 (value about $ 600.-)

Mystery in Space is the name of two science fiction American comic book series
published by DC Comics, and of a standalone Vertigo anthology released in 2012,
the first series ran for 110 issues from 1951 to 1966,
with a further seven issues continuing the numbering during a 1980s revival of the title,
an eight-issue limited series began in 2006.

together with Strange Adventures, Mystery In Space
was one of DC Comics' major science fiction anthology series,
it won a number of awards, including the 1962 Alley Award for "Best Book-Length Story"
and the 1963 Alley Award for "Comic Displaying Best Interior Color Work",
the title featured short science fiction stories and a number of continuing series,
most written by many of the best-known comics and science fiction writers of the day,
including John Broome, Gardner Fox, Jack Schiff, Otto Binder, and Edmond Hamilton,
the artwork featured a considerable number of the 1950s and 1960s finest comics artists
such as Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson, Gil Kane, Alex Toth,
Bernard Sachs, Frank Frazetta, and Virgil Finlay.

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