Bugs Bunny

série: Humour
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Western Publishing
genre: Humour
classement: carton131
date: 1975
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 4 €
critère: 0
remarques: Yosemite Sam no 26, full color, dated February 1975
representative sample of the serie

titled Yosemite Sam, the pirate and Bugs Bunny, the rabbit
acting together in 3 episodes
- pirate's cove
- your future is clear
- never give up

>> Bugs Bunny is a great character
but its adventures with Yosemite Sam
in this serie are not of great interest

A/ Bugs Bunny
one of the Greatest cartoon characters of all time,
Bugs Bunny is known to the world as 'the funniest character on earth'
better known for saying his famous quote "what's up Doc?"
Bugs has been seen in numerous films and comics over the last 5 decades
he is an animated cartoon character;
created in 1940 by Leon Schlesinger Productions (later Warner Bros. Cartoons)
and voiced originally by Mel Blanc,
Bugs is best known for his starring roles in the Looney Tunes
and Merrie Melodies series of animated short films, produced by Warner Bros
due to his popularity during the golden age of American animation,
he became an American cultural icon
and the official mascot of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Bugs is an anthropomorphic gray hare or rabbit
who is famous for his flippant, insouciant personality,
he is also characterized by a Brooklyn accent, his portrayal as a trickster
and his catch phrase "eh... what's up, doc?",
though a similar rabbit character began appearing
in the Warner Bros. cartoon shorts during the late 1930s,
the definitive character of Bugs Bunny is widely credited
to have made his debut
in director Tex Avery's Oscar-nominated film a wild Hare (1940)
since his debut, Bugs has appeared in various short films, feature films,
compilations, TV series, music records, comic books, video games,
award shows, amusement park rides, and commercials
he has also appeared in more films than any other cartoon character,
he is the ninth most-portrayed film personality in the world
and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

B/ Yosemite Sam
is an American animated cartoon character in the Looney Tunes
and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons produced by Warner Bros. Animation,
the name is somewhat alliterative and is inspired by Yosemite National Park,
along with Elmer Fudd, he is the de facto archenemy of Bugs Bunny,
he is commonly depicted as an extremely aggressive gunslinging prospector,
outlaw, pirate, or cowboy with a hair-trigger temper
and an intense hatred of rabbits, Bugs particularly,
in cartoons with non-Western themes, he uses various aliases, including "Chilkoot Sam"
(named for the Chilkoot Trail; Sam pronounces it "Chilli-koot")
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