nos200 barbarians of the border

série: Conan, savage sword
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Heroic-Fantasy
classement: carton133
date: 1992
format: broché
état: TBE/N
valeur: 5 €
critère: *
remarques: 200th issue spectacular no 200
of Savage Sword of Conan, serie 2929, August 1992
cover Joe Jusko

1/ Conan, barbarians of the border
a 200th issue celebration of the hero, created by Robert E. Howard
a double story drawn in parallel with Conan in the hyborian age
and with Bob Howard at the us/mexican border, February 1932
based on the novel "the phoenix on the sword" by Howard
with the world Howard writes of already mapped out
as if he had torn the page from some ancient long-forgotten atlas
by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Ernie Chan

2/ a short history of Savage Sword
by the editor in respect of no 200
Conan himself appeared in prose tales written by Robert E. Howard
for the horror/fantasy pulp magazine weird tales beginning in 1932
(just to remember Howard commited suicide in 1936)

in the mid-60's, Conan burst into popularity
in a series of paperback books with powerful covers
by Frank Frazetta and with new adventures added
by Nyborg, de Camp and Lin Carter

in 1970, Marvel editor-in-chief Stan Lee and
associate editor Roy Thomas decided it might be fun
to adapt Conan into comics form and arranged
with Texan Glenn Lord, agent for the literary estate
of Robert E. Howard to publish a color comic
which was called Conan the Barbarian
(Howard however had rarely used the word barbarian,
generally calling his hero "Conan the Cimmerian")

with script by Roy Thomas and art by a young English artist
named Barry Smith, Conan no 1 was published October 1970,
after a rocky start saleswise, Conan soon became
one of Marvel's most popular magazine with John Buscema
as regular penciler and Ernie Chan as most frequent inker

in 1971 Conan was made the cover star of Marvel's first entry
into the black-and-white comics field with Savage Tales no 1,
the issue also starred Ka-Zar and three other features,
due to an on-and-off publishing schedule, it took till 1974
to publish a mere five issues of Savage Tales but by then,
it was clear that Conan could carry such a magazine all by himself,
thus Savage Tales was left in Ka-Zar's hands
where it survived for another six issues

and Savage Sword of Conan no 1 was published August 1974
with a cover by the Frazetta-influenced artist Boris Vallejo,
Savage Sword was an instant hit and since no 19 in 1977
has been published on a monthly schedule
from 1974-1981, Savage Sword saw the adaptation
of virtually all Conan tales written up to that time
by De Camp, Carter, Nyborg Andy Offutt and of course Howard himself

during the 1980's Savage Sword featured stories by a wide variety
of new writers including Bruce Jones, Michael Fleisher,
Chuck Dixon and others plus a multiplicity of talented artists,
one of the foremost of those being Mike Docherty
who currently also pencils Conan the barbarian each month

let us know so that the next two hundred issues of Savage Sword
can be even greater, even more spectacular than the first
(note of reader: unfortunately the adventures of Conan
having been more than exploited, the current serie ceased
to be published with number 235 on July 1995
and despite new issues with titles such as
Conan the Savage, Conan Saga or Savage Sword in color,
the success did not meet the previous black-and-white publications)

3/ short biography of Robert E. Howard, father of Conan
born 1902 in Texas and deceased 1936,
he made his first sale in 1924 when weird tales accepted
his novel "spear and fang", a short tale about Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal

4/ commentary about the story behind "Conan of the border"
which conceived by Roy Thomas the idea for combining
Conan and his real-life creator, Robert E. Howard
into a single story with a third element
an "adventure" happening to Howard himself which would be found,
in the end, to be as fully a fantasy as Conan himself,
in fact, by story's end, one is not quite sure
whether Howard or Conan is the more literally "real",

the story actually based on a trip effected by Howard early 1932
south by bus to San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley
including the border town of Rio Grande City
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