no 9 do do that voodoo!

série: Howard the Duck
dessinateur / scénariste: Collectif
éditeur: Marvel USA
genre: Série Noire
classement: carton131
date: 1981
format: broché
état: TBE
valeur: 6 €
critère: *
remarques: Howard the Duck no 9, last issue, serie 2958, March 1981,
published 5 months after Howard the Duck no 8 November 1980
cover John Pound

editor's note:
ducks, like most other birds, are migratory animals,
they travel from here to there as the seasons change,
guided by some marvelous innate biological navigating system
we humans have not yet been able to decipher

after nine issues of Howard the Duck magazine, we, at Marvel
feel that Howard's place is in color and this is where he will return
(this is Marvel's opinion but with Conan the Barbarian,
it was he contrary, color serie was replaced by black-and-white serie!
>> see last issue no 218 of Savage Sword)

this move is part of our overall revamping of the magazine line (?)
we are currently at work putting together an epic format
of super hero magazine called Marvel Universe and for sure,
Howard is bound to make an appearance now and then
n.b. in fact only 7 issues were published 1998 and without Howard the Duck!
>> for Marvel Universe see information below

1/ Howard the duck, do do that voo doo
by Bill Mantlo and Gene Colan

2/ Howard the duck, heavy business
in a mediocre motel
by Bill Mantlo and Gene Colan

3/ Howard the duck, the linoleum lizard
by Steve Skeates and Gene Colan

4/ Howard the duck, homeward bound
a history about Howard the Duck
by Steven Grant and Marie Severin

5/ wise quacks = readers' letters

1973 was a good time for Marvel Comics,
before 1971, Marvel Comics had been distributed
by Independent News, a firm owned by the same company
which owned Marvel's competitor: DC Comics
because Marvel's comics overwhelmingly outsold
DC's wherever they appeared, Independent News therefore
put severe restrictions on the numbers
of titles and copies Marvel could release;
in 1971, Marvel switched to Curtis Circulation Company,
and free from restraint, Marvel began expanding its line
and gathering to itself the most inventive minds
to enter the comics field in decades
change and experiment was the motto of the hour,
new formats were tested, new ideas tried

Superheroes had, for ten years, been the mainstays
of Marvel's growing publishing empire;
now the new creators, infused with the excited,
rebellious spirit of the 60's were complementing
the superheroes with fresh concepts
and expanding Marvel's field of appeal even
further than before

in April of 1970, Conan the Barbarian was published,
the first, and still the best, of the sword-and-sorcery books
by 1973, the monsters have arrived:
tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by night, Frankenstein,
journey into mystery, supernatural thrillers,
creatures on the loose and many others
including a curious book called Fear which featured
a curious character named "the Man-Thing"

Marvel Universe
The Marvel Universe is the shared universe
where the stories in most American comic book titles and other media
published by Marvel Entertainment take place,
super-teams such as the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four,
the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Defenders, the Inhumans
and other Marvel superheroes live in this universe,
including characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America,
Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk,
Wolverine, Punisher, Moon Knight, Deadpool, Blade, Ghost Rider,
Doctor Strange and numerous others.

the Marvel Universe is further depicted as existing
within a "multiverse" consisting of thousands of separate universes,
all of which are the creations of Marvel Comics
and all of which are, in a sense, "Marvel universes",
in this context, "Marvel Universe" is taken to refer
to the mainstream Marvel continuity,
which is known as Earth-616 or currently as Earth Prime

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