book one

série: Rip Kirby
dessinateur / scénariste: Raymond Alex
éditeur: Comics World
genre: Policier
classement: biblio117
date: 1980
format: broché, N&B
état: TBE
valeur: 5 €
critère: *
remarques: English book, 54 pages in black & white
published by the comic art showcase and the comic strip showcase;
this community is a place for aspiring comic book, manga and
other concept artists to improve their dynamic drawing abilities,
there have been some numbers of this kind of publication
but not well known and only this one numbered 4
with title Rip Kirby Book One is collected here

the characters of this book one
- Rip Kirby (Remington Kirby), suave brainy detective believing
that a dark past should not bar a woman from a chance in society,
therefore has extended a helping hand to Pagan Lee
- Honey Dorian, loving Rip, is youthfully jealous of Pagan's
sophisticated charm, she distrust her and fears she make
Rip appear ridiculous
- Pagan Lee, also loves Rip trying to go straight but fearful that
her underworld past will affect her Hollywood future
as Madelon, the singer
- Laddie Gaylord, dashing Hollywood star and gambling sucker,
interested in Madelon (Pagan) both as a woman and co-player
in his new picture
- Fingers Moray, flashy gambler, thirsting for sucker money,
possesses a secret of Pagan's past so sinister that
its disclosure would mean her complete ruin

- in this story, Rip Kirby investigates with the help of Pagan Lee
in the circles of the gaming world of Hollywood

Rip Kirby is a comic strip featuring the adventures
of the eponymous lead character,
a private detective created by Alex Raymond in 1946,
displaying the talents of more than a dozen writers and illustrators,
the strip had a run spanning five decades,

after World War II, Raymond did not return to work
on any of his previous successful comic strips
(Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, Secret Agent X-9)
but instead began work on a new strip
in which ex-Marine Rip Kirby returns from World War II
and goes to work as a private detective, sometimes accompanied
by his girlfriend, fashion model Judith Lynne "Honey" Dorian,
her given name and nickname were borrowed
from the names of Raymond's three daughters
Rip Kirby was based on the suggestion by King Features editor Ward Greene
that Raymond try a "detective-type" strip,
first published on March 4, 1946
in French, Rip Kirby was mostly published by the Glenat Edition

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