Art of Clay Wilson

série: Underground (US)
dessinateur / scénariste: Wilson Clay
éditeur: Ten Speed EO 2006
genre: Porno
classement: biblio1
date: 2006
format: cartonné, avec jaquette
état: TBE/N
valeur: 20 €
critère: **
remarques: a full color book of 150 pages about filthy, dirty, crudy, nasty
and lubricious drawings but superbly drawn
(although sometimes too overabundant) by Clay Wilson

- among the cartoonists in this new generation, Wilson was
an art school graduate who considered himself an art outlaw,
he saw his key function as using his considerable graphic talents
to puncture the "booshwah" balloon in view of stripping
"the mass delusion" from the eyes of the American middle class
- all over sad and violent America, evil is on its way back,
and Clay Wilson is here to depict its emergence,
- Wilson is the great inheritor of medieval visions of blackdoom,
this guy has walked with Hieronymus Bosch long enough to know
where it's always been at, but Wilson has his own visions
with Bosch at all times and that vision is Bosch + black humor

- drawings from 1961 to 2006. mostly with full color,
here are the main titles or characters:

- Babbs Crabb and her friend meet Bernice, the male peg
( peg being here a short pin or bolt)
- the Rotting Zombie Madonna
- the Checkered Demon
- Dexter Heftyload, the virile pirate
- Captain Pissgums and his pervert pirates
- the Amazonian piratesses
- Bikers eating Puffins
- El Dia de Los Muertos
- the Brides of Christ

>> a book especially interesting for the illustrations
which are particular to the style of Clay Wilson

- front cover of the book
- various illustrations
- cover of underground magazine Zap no. 3
- illustration from Captain Pissgum
and his pervert pirates

- Steve Clay Wilson (born July 1941), better known
as S. Clay Wilson, is an American underground cartoonist
and central figure in the underground comix movement
- Wilson attracted attention from readers with aggressively
violent and sexually explicit panoramas of lowlife denizens,
often depicting the wild escapades of pirates and bikers,
he was an early contributor to Zap Comix
- Wilson's artistic audacity has been cited by Robert Crumb
as a liberating source of inspiration for Crumb's own work,
recalling when he first saw Wilson's work (in about 1968),
- Robert Crumb said "the content was something like I'd never
seen before anywhere: the level of mayhem, violence, dismemberment,
naked women, loose body parts, huge, obscene sex organs,
a nightmare vision of hell-on-earth never so graphically
illustrated before in the history of art

- a striking feature of Wilson's work is the contrast between
the aiterate way in which his characters speak and think
and the depraved violence in which they engage,
as James Danky and Denis Kitchen wrote in their book,
Underground Classics:
- Wilson astonished and sometimes frightened his fellow cartoonists,
though they saw it as pushing if not eviscerating
the boundaries of taste, more than anyone, Wilson defined
the boundaries of the medium
- the artist and characters sometimes take violence
with a playful attitude, for example getting tired of fighting
and agreeing to have sex instead of continuing a battle
- Wilson's later work became more ghoulish, featuring
zombie pirates and visualizations of the Virgin of Guadalupe
as a rotting vampire mother
- in many respects, however, his work has remained consistent
since his emergence in the 1960s, in contrast to the many
countercultural figures who have moderated their more extreme
tendencies and successfully assimilated
into the mainstream of commercial culture,
- Wilson's work has remained troubling
to mainstream sensibilities and defiantly ill-mannered

Wilson's main characters:
- the Checkered Demon (in one of the most exaggerated strips,
Checker prefers the blood of a snake as it takes
its own victim Star-Eyed Stella
- Captain Pissgums and his Pervert Pirates
- Ruby the Dyke
- Hog Riding Fools (motorcycle gang)
- Club Choad Charley, a member of the Hog Riding Fools
- Lester Gass the Midnight Misogynist

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