volume23 Teiba Castle

série: Mandrake le magicien
dessinateur / scénariste: Davis+Falk
éditeur: Pacific Comics 1993
genre: Fantastique
classement: biblio1
date: 1993
format: broché, N&B
état: TBE
valeur: 6 €
critère: *
remarques: English comic book

editor Tony Raiola of Pacific Comics Club,
1993 reprint of 1938 KFS daily strips, 72 pages

- Mandrake gets into grips with Blozz, the famous tennis champion,
the tennis match is won of course thanks Mandrake's tricks
and so is also the golf party, all this to gain the favour of the girl Betty
but then Mandrake is framed by Blozz for robbery
>> p. 16 Betty is changing into an alligator!

- in the next story (not titled), Mandrake is awaiting princess Narda
but she no longer wants to recognize Mandrake, Narda has got problems
because of her brother who is a gambler
and has lost a lot of money to general Manuel,
for getting his money back, general Manuel kidnaps Narda to his castle of Teiba
and Narda's brother is put to the torture of the iron maiden

- they are all saved by Mandrake but because of a mysterious black lady,
Narda is leaving Mandrake and he wonders when he will see her again
>> p. 60 the cheated Lola

>> while the drawing is still acceptable, the story is not
very interesting despite some humour put in
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