volume20 the Phantom

série: Fantôme (le)
dessinateur / scénariste: Moore+Falk
éditeur: Pacific Comics 1993
genre: Aventure
classement: biblio1
date: 1993
format: broché, N&B
état: TBE
valeur: 20 €
critère: **
remarques: English book
in the collection of Tony Raiola, Pacific Comics
1993 reprint of 1936 first daily strips of the Phantom

- the S/S Trotter with Diana Palmer on board is attacked
by some gangsters of New York to steal the amber gris
but the Phantom is already on their trail and succeeds also
in rescuing the journalist Diana Palmer
>> p. 11/3-5 the mark of the Phantom

- after a kiss to Diana, the Phantom disappears again while
the instigator of the action, prince Ahmed Singh, is looking for revenge
Diana is kidnapped by prince Ahmed andagain rescued by the Phantom
who however this time get wounded
>> p. 22/3-24 the sensuous Diana
>> p. 35/4-17 the most famous kiss in daily strips

- on his turn, the Phantom is captured by prince Ahmed
and diana is used for persuading the Phantom to reveal
the se cret of the ambre gris (the whale's grave),
the Phantom is saved by an unexpected police action
but Diana is taken away by prince Ahmed

- again and again the Phantom will succeed in rescuing Diana
and this time he will explain to Diana his history,
namely the mystery of the "ghost whol walks" as well as his origin,
the oath of the skull and about the Singh brotherhood

- Diana tries to convince the Phantom that the treasure of the ambre gris
is intended for a good purpose (a charitable institution),
meanwhile Prince Ahmed meets his uncle Kabai, ruler of the Singh brotherhood
in his vortex under the sea,
in order to elaborate a new plan to capture Diana,
who is again kidnapped but the Phantom is soon on her trail

>> this is probable the frist episode of the Phantom series,
plot and graphics are abit more elaborate than the one of Mandrake,
graphics of good value with the contrast of black and white design
and the plot is of some interest
n.b. this is the same story representation of the first episode
in volume 1 of the collection Copyright Futuropolis,
however the story in this feature book is unachieved
but the impression in this book is even better than in the Futuropolis volume

Pacific Comics Club is a American comic publisher, founded by Tony Raiola
after having moved to USA from Europe in 1975,
its specialized in comics from the American Golden Age, including
The Phantom, Secret Agent X-9, Prince Valiant, Steve Canyon,
Li'l Abner, Mandrake the Magician and several others
Pacific Comics have been reprinting 1933 two books
from the American Feature Books series
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